Moving Yourself Vs Hiring Movers- Which One Is The Best?

Moving Yourself Vs Hiring Movers- Which One Is The Best?

It is a well-known fact that moving a house is quite challenging and tiresome. Deciding the date of moving to settle down in the new house is quite gruelling. Though relocation is quite a hectic task, out of fear and the temptation of saving some bucks, most people prefer moving rather than hiring professionals.

But on the logical part, one must realise that moving a house is multi-dimensional. The factors such as timings, distance, availability of friends or mates, and unfamiliarity with the new place pose some serious questions whose answers are to be ticked before beginning.

Hiring professional removalists certainly requires a payment of service fees, but it saves one from the related stress and unnecessary quarrels with friends and near and dear ones.

This blog does not specifically talk about the ways of moving a house by either professional movers or trusted friends and relatives. It aims to do a comparative study of them on different parameters that arise while moving a house.

Discussing The Cost

  • In doing it by yourself ( with the help of friends and family)

When one thinks of moving a house by oneself, with assistance from friends and family, the cost of such a move should be well thought of. Though shifting by yourself may appear cheaper, making friends and family agree to the working terms is tough.

In doing it by yourself

At the same time, one has to think of a way to thank friends and family for their help. At times such a token of thanks exceeds the charges of professional movers, unknowingly.

  • Through experienced and professional removalists

Hiring professional movers reduces stress and horrific experiences while shifting a house. In addition, the cost of hiring experts to move a house is quite affordable. Within a fixed amount of fees, which is negotiable, they take all care of moving and reinstating a house.

Through experienced and professional removalists

Also, the efficiency and smoothness the professional movers provide are quite unparalleled.

Additional Charges For Moving A House

  • In Doing It By Yourself ( With The Help Of Friends And Family)

The additional charges of moving a house by yourself are immense. One has to take stress about-

  1. Arranging for the moving vehicle.
  2. Repeated requests to friends for their help. 
  3. Arranging for the meals and accommodation of friends and relatives while moving on long routes. 
  4. Arranging qualitative packing materials such as cartons and wrappers. 
  5. Bearing the cost of broken delicate items,
  6. Any emergency expenditure that arises during transportation.

Depending upon the kind of relationship one shares with their friends, one may have to compensate for the leave they may have taken.

  • Through Experienced And Professional Removalists.

When one hires a professional team of removalists, it is a one-time fee to be paid. All the services, such as hiring a truck or van for moving, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, are included in the reasonable one-time fee.

Reliability Of Moving A House

  • In doing it by yourself ( with the help of friends and family)

Undoubtedly, friends and relatives give a sense of security as far as the shifting of valuable items is concerned. Most people feel more secure and comfortable when moving with friends and known people. Such journeys completely wipe out the fears and apprehensions from an individual’s mind.

  • Through experienced and professional removalists

It is the last thing on the planet to be trusting strangers with your valuable furniture and items when moving a house. But, with strong legal backings and service-oriented staff, it is the last thing to worry about. The companies and corporations providing such services are well-reputed. And for such petty gains, the service providers will never tarnish the hard-earned reputation.

Difficulties In Finding Services

  • Services Of Friends And Relatives

Due to stiff competition and busy schedules, people today have no time to waste. It is extremely difficult to ask friends and relatives for help in such a scenario. And when the task requires doing hard labour, it is almost next to impossible. Friends and relatives alike would come up with thousands of excuses for not doing work. It may require a lot of pleadings and monetary drainage to persuade them.

  • Services Of Professional Movers

In contrast, several reputed professional removalists are just a click away from providing reasonable and efficient service delivery. The people are independent to search and analyse several companies and corporations before finalising one. The recommendations of friends and close- ones are not necessarily binding. The professional movers provide 24*7 services with utmost service zeal and humility.

The Problem Of Not Showing Up

  • When Moving With The Help Of Friends And Family

Owing to hectic schedules, it is more likely that friends and relatives won’t show up when one is waiting for them with bags packed. It isn’t very pleasant at the same time. But one can’t do much as there is no legal backing to it. The worst that can happen is developing sour relationships. But it could never minimise the horrific and confusing experience one went through.

  • When Moving With The Help Of Professional Removalists

When hiring a well-reputed removalists team for moving a house, the chance of not showing up is quite negligible. These professionals have to live up to their reputation. Also, the money factor comes into play. Also, there is legal backing to help you. The professional removalists are punctual and finish the task in time, making the shifting experience fun and memorable.

Getting Help In Packing And Unpacking

  •  In Doing It By Yourself ( With The Help Of Friends And Family)

Packing and unpacking constitute the toughest parts of moving a house. There is very little chance of getting help from friends and relatives while packing and unpacking. They usually arrive on the day of moving and return as soon as the journey gets over. Packing and unpacking are strenuous tasks that drain individuals both physically and mentally.

  • Through Experienced And Professional Removalists

The professional movers meticulously make an assessment report of packing and unpacking items on a priority basis. They used technology and tried- and -tested methods to pack and unpack, avoiding chaos and confusion. These services are availed by paying a one-time fee.

Injuries and Insurance

  • In Moving It By Yourself ( With The Help Of Friends And Family)

While moving, it is likely to cause accidents and related injuries. Any unforeseen injury sustained by friends or relatives is a trouble call. If one does not share a good relationship with friends or relatives, he may face lawsuits and huge compensations. More than that, lifelong friendships or relations may break, causing emotional outbursts or pain. 

Also, one has to bear the cost of damaged items from one’s pocket as they are not insured while moving a house by oneself.

  • Through Experienced And Professional Removalists

The professional movers are experienced and trained in a manner that hardly sustains any injuries while shifting. But even if they sustain any injury, they are insured of it. The company looks into their extra expenses and needs related to the accident or injury.

Also, the fragile and valuable items are insured for damages by the service providers. All these insurances are covered under the one-time affordable fees that one pays initially.


The reputed companies and corporations provide the best services at very affordable rates. In such a scenario, it is not advisable to go for the help of friends and relatives. Any unforeseen problems may result in the breaking of lifelong friendships and relations.

Hence, one should hire professional removalists, and along with their friends, enjoy and make the moving experience more memorable. You can contact the expert professionals of Harry The Mover. We offer efficient, affordable, and safe relocation of your goods. You can reach us at 1800 318 026 for detailed information.