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House Movers & Packers Adelaide

The entire process of a move from start to finish happens more efficiently when you hire professionals like Harry The Mover. With years of experience and a dedicated crew, we will care for your move with accuracy and a customer-friendly approach. Our move price estimate will give you peace of mind before the move starts, and our six-point house packing checklist will help us pack your valuables right. We use quality wrapping supplies to get it there – safely and securely. Our Company’s staff will keep it safe in transit, and unloading at the new location will not cause any harm! We will not leave your belongings because our trustworthy staff is from trusted Harry The Movers, who pride ourselves on providing our clients with flawless service!

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Services We Offer While Relocating House

It isn’t easy to neglect that relocation requires much more than just deporting your belongings from Point A to Point B. Packing up your house then unwrapping everything on the other end can be stressful, tedious and demanding. Harry The Mover, being one of the professional removalists in Adelaide, understands all the aspects of a move and therefore provides a smart solution to it.
Whether you make an intrastate or interstate move, we are here to assist you in packing, loading, delivering, unpacking, and unloading all your valuable belongings. We offer professional services that extract chaos and mismanagement from the move, making it a time-saving and effortless event. Being an experienced and skilled crew, we follow a formal pattern of relocation. We, therefore, offer all the professional services keeping in mind the comfort and satisfaction of our valued clients.

Packing & unpacking

We ensure to pack all your fragile items with quality packing materials to avoid damage and unpack them with utmost safety and precautions.

We Are True Professionals

Our expert and experienced staff are trained to understand our clients’ stress and preferences and carry the relocation process smoothly and skillfully.

Free Expert Advice

We conduct an official survey of the house and understand the client’s needs and type of move and give expert advice to our consumers with years of experience in the market.

A Fleet Of Moving Trucks

We have well-equipped and cutting-edge moving trucks for both intrastate and interstate house relocation.

Pros Of Hiring Expert House Movers

Moving is obviously a demanding and daunting task when you have no one to help you. It requires great expertise and therefore demands professionals to do it. Like you cannot move heavy items on your own as an untrained person can end up injuring himself. You have numerous deadlines, and in the midst of managing your professional and personal lives, it becomes stressful to plan a move. But there is no worry at all when you have Harry The Mover to help you plan and achieve a prompt, smart and comfortable move.

Why Choose Us

The plus points of employing an expert house removalist are: 

Timely Delivery

Exact Estimation

Insurance Cover

Hassle Free Services

Reliable and Punctual

We believe in complete safety, customer satisfaction and professionalism and therefore stick to the following parameters.

  • Trained and Professional Team
  • Safe, Trustworthy and Smooth Relocation
  • Prompt Customer Services
  • Standards & Delegated Work Ethics
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Customer’s Preference & Satisfaction

Contact Harry The Mover

Moving can be Stressful and a really disappointing affair. So, connect with us and we will be happy to help with your house removal needs.



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