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Furniture Removalists Adelaide

When packing, it is hard to move heavy objects that weigh almost as much as the furniture itself. However, you don’t want to injure yourself or go through the hassle of trying to do so. With Harry The Mover, you can rest assured all the moving and assembling will be done with care and professionalism. If you plan a relocation, Harry The Mover will help move your assets with less hassle in a time-efficient manner. We have an experienced and professional staff ready to handle your packing, moving, and disassembling needs 24/7. Harry The Mover offers insured service and has provided complete moving services in Adelaide for more than 10 years. With our established and esteemed history of working with clients, we have gained unparalleled confidence and are the number one removal company in the area. Contact Harry The Mover today!

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Services We Offer

Harry The Mover, being one of the leading furniture removalists, is an accredited company, licensed and insured legally for offering the best removal services in Adelaide. If you have planned a move be in Adelaide or outside it, we are here to propose the best furniture relocation services in the town. Either you want to move the furniture to a new location or want to sell it at a negotiable price, we are here to get it all done for you. We believe in complete transparency; therefore, we have a well-crafted website with all the significant information published on it. Hurriedly book your move by contacting our customer support and getting all the information you need. Customer satisfaction, affordability and safety are the primary work parameters followed by our skilled and trained staff. So, what’s stopping you from making a smooth and stress-free move with Harry The Movers?

Accessibility Alternatives For Furniture Relocation

Either you are moving hefty items or just moving small furniture items, we have a skilled and trained team for all of it. The entire service, along with the relocation of furniture, is available at affordable prices. Also, we offer different packages with a range of discounts. We move-

  • Sofas & Beds
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Sofa cum Beds
  • Couches & Recliners
  • Entire furniture of the living room and kitchen

Quickly contact our support team to gather more details and enjoy a hassle-free move.

Why Choose Us?

From moving your entire house furniture to office items, with all the measured safety and security, you can blindly rely upon Adelaide’s Harry the Mover with all guarantee:
The services offered by us is what you need to move your furniture from one location to another. Feel free to contact us without any delay to get the best out from the rest!

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Effective Results Of Hiring Expert Furniture Removalists

It is known that moving is a challenging task and demands a lot of time, effort and money. But hiring professionals like Harry, The Mover can turn this challenging task into an easy one. Relocation of furniture demands expertise and knowledge to avoid injuries, and we have a team that knows the essential fundamentals of removing furniture. Here is a guide that will take you to the depths of the benefits of hiring professionals over a DIY move.

Enveloping The Damages

We provide you with an experienced, skilled and well-equipped team that will use all the technical strategies and equipment to relocate your furniture with utmost safety and restore the damaged items. Besides the guarantee with giving, we offer insurance on all your furniture items, to safeguard them. You don’t have to worry about your expensive and antique pieces of wood, as we guarantee quality with our actions and relocate your furniture with safety and zero damage.

Saving Dollars & Cents

Yes, you heard that right. If you make a DIY move, you have to pay separately for each service that is packing, loading, delivering, insurance, etc. We are here to provide you with all these services at affordable prices. You even don’t have to spend extra money on discarding the damaged items, and we will restore them to their original condition without any extra charges.

Saves You From Hard labour

It would be folly to underrate the tough physical labour one undergoes to remove hefty furniture. If an untrained person tries to do so, they may end up harming themselves. And when you consume a whole day sorting, lifting, wrapping, and loading the entire furniture, you will be set to collapse midway through the job. Therefore, it is recommended to hire experts to save yourself from the tears, sweat and blood of relocation of heavy furniture. The experts know the correct pattern to disassemble and assemble that furniture and relocate it safely and without damage and injury.

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If you’re thinking about hiring Harry the Mover professional furniture removalist in
Adelaide, then you have come to the right place. We, as the no.1 furniture removalists are professionals who are trained in both removing and storing furniture. Our staff members know how to deal with the delicate items you might have, and they are also aware of the dangers that may be involved. Therefore, if you are considering hiring our professional service, then you should know exactly what they do and how to get it done correctly. Feel free to contact us at 1800 318 026, and our efficient customer care team is ever ready to guide you in the right manner.



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