Moving Yourself Vs Hiring Professional Movers

How Much Will A Removalist Cost In Australia

When it comes to moving your home from one place to another place, a lot of things come to mind. We all know that moving home is not a cup of tea for everyone. Moving home requires a  lot of effort as it is one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks. It needs to be completed in a fixed time. If you will not give yourself a deadline or a fixed time for moving your schedule will be messed up. There are a lot of things to plan like a day of moving, what to pack and move, will you move on your own or hire a professional moving company. You might get confused between choosing to move by yourself or hiring professionals. 

This blog will help you to compare and choose both DIY and professional movers services. By the end of the blog, you would be able to decide on one of them. 

Moving Cost Estimation

 Moving Costs in Australia

If you are thinking about the cost of moving while preparing a budget list for house or office moving, then you should be aware of the moving demand. There are various factors where you need to spend money for buying and renting essentials. You will need to purchase packing material, rent a truck, and moving tools, etc. 

The cost of packing material, packing, loading, unloading, rental truck, food, and beverages will be very important to pay at the time of moving. The most important cost-affecting factors depend on the two categories whether you want to hire professional movers or want a DIY move.

Hiring Professional Removalists

If you are moving with the help of professional movers you will need to pay one short payment for packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and packing material. The exceptional stress of moving will fully depend on the moving team. With the help of a professional moving team, you would be able to supervise your moving process. It might get a bit expensive but you will not need to lift a single finger, you just sit behind and enjoy your moving process with your family. The moving team comes with all the moving equipment that is required during the move. Before hiring you should take a moving quote from moving companies. There are three types of moving cost estimation. These are mentioned below.

  • Non-Binding Moving Estimate

In this type of moving estimation, the quotation provided by the moving team will be based on the weight of belongings that you want to move from your old home to your new home. Although, these are not fixed estimates. The cost can fluctuate according to the weight of belongings.

  • Binding Moving Estimate

In a binding estimate, the cost of moving will be dependent on the weight of belongings but the cost will be fixed. On the other hand, if the weight of your belongings will decrease during moving, you will have to fix the amount that is written in the contract. 

  • Binding Not-To-Exceed Moving Estimate

Binding not-to-exceed moving estimation is one of the most popular and convenient types of estimation and is different from the two above-mentioned moving estimations. Binding not-to-exceed is famous among Australians. According to this moving estimation if the weight of your belongings increases during the move you will still need to pay the fixed amount but if the size of your belongings decreases you’ll pay the amount according to the size of your belongings. 

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Moving Yourself

While thinking of having a DIY move you might be considering that it will be cheap and convenient to move with the help of your family and friends. However, there are some costs that you can’t ignore in any condition during the move. These costs are given below.

  • Hiring a moving truck for one or two days
  • Buying packing material bubble wraps, stretch wraps, cardboard boxes, etc.
  • Paying for meals for those you are getting help from
  • Renting moving equipment

Here you will have two choices: doing the entire moving process on your own with the help of your friends and family or getting hybrid moving services. In hybrid moving services, you will need to choose one task whether you can pack and unpack your belongings and the moving team will load and unload them for you or you can choose loading and unloading and the moving team will pack, unpack, and transit your belongings. 

Dealing with Injuries

 Moving Costs in Australia

Suffering from injuries and accidents during the move is a very common thing. Small injuries can occur during loading, unloading, or packing items. Lifting heavy boxes and furniture with care is very important while moving. 

Injuries to Removalists

If removalists get injured during the move you won’t need to worry about them. Accidents are common to all reputed moving companies that have insurance. In the insurance, they cover and compensate their staff without costing anything. If you are getting insurance for your move, remember that the removalists company’s accident and insurance will not be the client’s responsibility. So make sure to ask the moving company about insurance covers while getting a quotation from the team. 

Injuries to Friends and Family

First of all, getting injured or not is not in anyone’s hands. It’s an unfortunate incident to be injured. Also if you are getting assistance from your friend during the move and they get injured, you would have to compensate for it by paying more than even hiring movers. On the other hand, if it gets to a lawsuit level, this might end your friendship. 

Help With Packing

As per Aussie’s statement packing is among their top 3 most hated tasks while moving home. Our advice to all homeowners is that if you are going to move your home, make sure to pack all your essential items in advance instead of leaving them for the last day of moving so that your moving process can go smoothly. You can also check our A Perfect Guide For Packing Fragile Items For Moving so that the packing of objects can be done in a better way. 

Packing With the Help of Professional Movers

When you hire a professional packing team for the entire moving process, you can specify your requirements for packing without stressing yourself. Packing supplies like cardboard boxes, moving blankets, bubble wraps, and stretch wraps will be provided by the company. You don’t need to worry about sourcing the packing material. If you are stressed out about your delicate and expensive crockery and decorative items, be worry-free team OZ Removalists will handle all your essentials and transit them safely and securely. 

Packing Essentials Yourself

If you are planning to pack your essentials on your own, you should be prepared to buy packing materials like bubble wrap, stretch wraps, packing tapes, scissors, and moving boxes on your own. You should start packing all your essentials at least one month before your moving date. And you will be responsible for all the broken and damaged items. You might need to get help from your friends and request them to keep their one or two days free for your packing process. 

Dealing with Last Minutes Cancellations

 Factors that Impact the Cost of Moving in Australia

Can you imagine being ready and organized to move and not finding help from those who you got committed to getting help? This can happen in two cases: whether you have hired the wrong moving company without cross-checking their previous work or you got a commitment from the wrong friend. 

In Case of Hiring Moving Team

Suppose you have hired a moving company and on the day of moving they deny coming due to any reason. However, you don’t need to be worried about it; they will provide you with another moving team within the same budget. Being a reputed moving company it is their duty to fulfill your requirements. If they retract to provide you services you can sue them on the basis of the contract that you had signed while hiring them. 

In Case of Getting Help from Friends

Suppose you decide to move with the help of your friends and request them to keep their day free on the selected day even if they run away instead of helping you. You will not have any option except to regret not hiring an expert team of movers. Even would-be ended up with a sour friendship.

Dependability and Recourse

 Factors that Impact the Cost of Moving in Australia

It’s very common to see people afraid to hand over their precious belongings in complete strangers’ hands for moving. You would also have accumulated your things by doing hard work. If you want to save your delicates it would be preferable to hire an expert team of removalists.

Find a Reliable and Professional Moving Company

Do yourself a favor to reduce the chances of experiencing moving day stress-full moments by doing some quality research to find a reliable moving company. You can ask your friends and family to recommend a moving team, also you can do your own research online here you can easily compare the removalist’s cost, read previous clients’ reviews, and get each and every detail of services. Here we have prepared a blog related to 6 Tips to hire the Best Movers and Packers you can read and start searching for the best movers.

Find Friends to Help with Loading & Unloading Rented Moving Truck

People usually don’t like to do a favor. They offer to help with your move when they know the response will be “No”. They just pretend that they want to help you but in actuality, they don’t. You would need to reward your friends for helping you with the moving procedure. Offering pizza as a refreshment will not work. 

Problem Handling Technique

 Factors that Impact the Cost of Moving in Australia

Moving is not as easy as it seems, unexpected things can happen during the move. For example, your bulky furniture such as a couch and bed can get stuck into the door and might get stuck into the narrow cut of the stairs. This unfortunate moment can ruin your move and damage your furniture. You could end up wasting hours trying to fix the situation. Instead of sitting and relaxing on the couch in your home. 

If Professionals will Handle Your Move

As we all know, practice and experience can make a person perfect. Since a moving team with years of experience might face the same problems on a regular basis. And has expertise in solving the problem. The moving team will handle your move with useful equipment and tools like straps, dollies, trollies,  and a moving ramp. These will make your move easy. 

If Friends will Handle Your Move

If your move gets stuck and not getting a solution to get out of the problem this will not be anyone else’s mistake. Problems can occur during the move and you should be prepared for it. If your furniture gets stuck into the door and you and your friends are trying to push and pull furniture forcefully the item can be damaged or your friend might get injured and it can be the reason for a broken friendship or sourness. 

Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Insurance is the most important and should be highly considered while planning your move. Having insurance during the moving process can avoid the big loss of your fragile and other house belongings. 

If you will Hire Professional Movers

Hiring entire moving services will lead to a successful relocation you will also get insurance for all your belongings including your moving package. Being a homeowner we are sure that you would not like it if any of your items will break or were lost during the move. However, in any case, if any of your items are damaged the moving team will be responsible for this and you will receive reimbursement for your belongings from the insurance company.

If you will Do DIY Move

In case of a DIY move, you will need to get insurance on your own and the cost will be separate from other moving expenses like packing material, renting a moving truck, and moving tools. If you will get help from the moving team you would definitely need to get insurance separately. You don’t have any other options because you can’t fully rely on your friends to shift your essentials safely and securely. 

Additional Information: Hybrid Move

Choosing hybrid services is a kind of hiring labor for moving days instead of hiring full-time movers for an entire house move. This is one of the most substantial and cost-effective moving techniques which will help you to save your money and delicate items as well. The key piece of the hybrid moving method is to hire help on an hourly basis and let laborers perform the work of moving packages during hired hours. And you just need to pay them the decided amount. 

You can also reverse the process of moving, once you transit your belongings, you can hire labourers to move the boxes from the container into the home and get assistance in full unpacking and organizing. 

To sum up, choosing the right boxes for moving can significantly impact the success of your relocation. In this blog, we have explored various options available, including their size, type, and packaging materials. We have also delved into the circumstances that call for speciality boxes and the number of boxes required for different homes. Furthermore, this blog provides practical moving tips and tricks to streamline your moving process. 

Don’t forget to utilise free sources of boxes, such as recycling or asking friends and family. By implementing the information provided, you can make an informed decision when selecting boxes and ensure that your possessions are transported safely to your new home. So, go ahead and get started with your move with the confidence that comes from knowing you have chosen the best boxes for your needs.

End Note

In this blog, we have covered all the circumstances of moving yourself v/s hiring professional movers. Read this blog and get ready for your upcoming move, you can hire Harry the Mover to move local or interstate, we will give you a smooth moving experience. Call our team for more information: 1800 318 026.