Effective Tips On Moving Your Spa Tub- How You Can Easily Move It

Effective Tips On Moving Your Spa Tub- How You Can Easily Move It
It might seem impossible for individuals to relocate their spa tub for the first time. Whether you have to move it to your new home or have to shift to another spot in the same place, it will not be easy. With the right planning and preparation, you can handle it without putting in much effort. This blog will offer you the right direction to move your spa tub or hot tub. So come and learn the right way to move your hot tub.

If you have to move your spa tub, then it is recommended not to move it alone. The weight of a spa tub is near about 500 pounds or can be more than this when it is empty. And its weight gets up when it is filled with water. Thus it is better to take the help of professional movers for relocating your expensive spa tub.

Arrange Your Supplies

The beginning of moving starts with arranging all packing materials and other desired objects. You will require large pieces of wood (you can go with plywood), cleaning materials, measuring objects, two dollies, and straps for moving it correctly. You can get all these objects at your local store. You should check what weight the dollies can handle. It is because you don’t get a broken dolly in the middle of the moving process. After arranging all your supplies, you need to move to the next step.

Ready Your Moving Truck

The moving truck should be large enough to handle your spa tub. Here your measuring products will be used. You have to measure the size of the tub and also the moving truck so that it can fit inside correctly.

Ready Your Moving Truck

The moving truck should be large enough so that no damage should be caused to the spa tub. The moving truck should have a loading ramp so that the tub can be moved easily.

Proper Support Is Necessary

A spa tub is a very heavy object, but it is not easy to push it alone. If you are trying to move it yourself, then please continue your reading till last so that you can get the right guidance. For moving a spa tub, you will need a minimum of three individuals; also, it is preferred to have six individuals. The best option is to hire professional removalists so that you don’t have to break your back.

Consider Your Environment

The environment here implies that the pathways you have to cover while moving your spa tub in Melbourne. Whether you have to move downstairs or have to move from a short passage, all things should be considered before moving day. It should not damage your yard, and it might be the case that you will no longer require the spa tub at your new address.

Decouple Your Spa Tub

Now you have to remove all connected wires and cords from the electric socket and pack them securely in a bag. You can prefer using waterproof bags so that your wires remain in good condition. The labeling should also be done on that so that others can easily identify that.

Completely Drain Your Spa

We can not provide a single process to drain the spa tub because each model is different and different steps would be involved to drain them. Depending upon your spa tub model, you can drain it. You should clearly follow the manufacturer’s steps so that things go in the right direction.

Choose Least Obstacle Path For Moving Your Spa Tub

You should select the furniture dollies for relocating the spa tub as it has a flat surface. You have to keep plywood over dollies and then a hot tub over that. You need to be careful while lifting your spa tub and placing it over furniture dollies. After finishing this, you need to plan out the route for going to the moving van.

Loading Spa Over Moving Truck

After securing your hot tub with dolls, you should start pushing it over the ramp. All assistants should remain there to offer the right move at the last stage. Because loading a moving spa over a ramp would be tricky. One person should remain inside the truck so that he can manage the spa tub and ensure that no damage occurs to it.

Unload With Patience

Once your hot tub arrives at the desired destination, you have to unload it properly. Professionals know the right art to unload your belongings. You should try to place it at the right place once you get it at your location. Don’t try to shift it again and again.

Hire Professional Removalists As A Better Option

It is not an easy task to move the spa tub alone. So it is better to hire a professional to move your expensive and delicate spa tub. Your workload will get reduced at a much higher level by hiring professional removalists in Melbourne. Harry The Mover is a well-known name for providing the best relocation services in Melbourne. Our professionals know the right way to handle the extraordinary weight, huge size, and inconveniently odd shape.

We have an experienced removalist that knows the best way to relocate fragile items. Our professionals care about your fragile items and relocate them without causing any damage to them. You will get our service under your budget. The best thing about Harry The Mover is we do not compromise with the quality service. You can hire our professional for home relocation, an interstate move, and other moving services. To know more about our services you can contact us at 1800 318 026.

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