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Moving A Spa Tub

A spa tub is one of the most challenging items to transport because of its immense weight (800–900 pounds) and overwhelming size. So, you can imagine what would happen if your favourite possession suffered major damage during a failed spa tub relocation attempt. Here is a guide for you to move your spa table without hassle.

What To Know Before Moving A Spa Tub

Before you think about the simplest method to relocate your spa tub, there are a few things you should know first. Keeping these things in mind will help you make the correct decisions when the time comes.

What To Know Before Moving A Spa Tub

Spa Tubs Are HUGE- spa tubs vary in size, but they all have one thing in common: they are huge. Small spa tubs (2-4 people), medium spa tubs (5-6 people), and big spa tubs (7+ people) are typically the three size categories that spa manufacturers provide. Mini spa pools can range in length from 5 4 to 7 9 inches, in width from 5 4 to 9 2 inches, and height from 29 to 38 inches. So due to this, spa tubs are difficult to move.

Spa Tubs Are HEAVY- spa tubs are extremely heavy, which makes moving them from one location to another rather difficult. A standard spa tub can weigh between 800-900 pounds without water. A spa tub can weigh up to 6,000 pounds when filled with water, which is astounding. Fortunately, all of the water should be drained from the unit before the actual move.

Spa Tubs Are EXPENSIVE- You’re probably aware that house tubs are rather expensive; therefore, you’d never want to see your valuable possession destroyed during a relocation. A spa tub can cost anywhere from about $3,500 to $8,000, or even more for some of the most luxurious models, depending on the brand, model, size, and added features.

Considering the dimensions, weight, and cost of your entertainment and relaxation equipment, you’ll want to choose the best approach to move a spa tub to another property with no damage to it and no risk of physical injury during the move.

Moving Spa Tub In 12 Simple Tips

1. Hire A Moving Vehicle

Measure the dimensions of your spa tub unless you already know the precise size from the instructions. Make sure the moving vehicle you rent has adequate space to accommodate the large item. In most circumstances, a 15-foot moving truck with a storage capacity of 15′ x 7’8 ′′ x 7’2 ′′ will be sufficient.

Hire A Moving Vehicle

Make sure the moving truck has a loading ramp when renting it so that loading is safer and easier. There are many truck rental firms that may provide you with the appropriate moving vehicle for your DIY requirements.

2. Rent The Proper Moving Equipment

It’s time to focus on the tools required to move a spa tub securely once you’ve found a suitable moving vehicle. You will first need two heavy-duty furniture dollies made to move extremely heavy items.

Moving Equipment

You should be able to find dollies that can hold up to 800 pounds at both your local Home Depot and a reputable local moving company. Second, you’ll need four pieces of wood that are approximately 4″ × 4″. These will be necessary to lift the home spa just enough to allow you to slide the two furniture dollies underneath it. Thirdly, while the huge spa tub is being loaded onto the dollies, secure it with sturdy straps or a long piece of rope.

3. Appoint Trustworthy Helpers

It takes more than one person to move a spa tub from one home to another. Choosing not to hire professional spa tub movers automatically implies that you will be relying on a few strong friends to finish the work.

Appoint Trustworthy Helpers

A minimum of three other persons should assist you with the heavy lifting. In order to reduce the possibility of any accidents, if at all possible, put together a friendly moving team of about six individuals. A third alternative if you’re having difficulties putting your team together is to engage labour-only movers, who are specialists in moving labour alone and don’t provide transportation services. In other words, those are qualified movers who are not using a vehicle.

4. Inspect The Exit Path

Make sure there are no hazards or barriers along the spa tub’s planned exit path by taking a walk along it. Consider the surroundings attentively and take appropriate action.

Inspect The Exit Path

Hopefully, your home spa will be on the ground floor, and you won’t have to move it downstairs. You should hire expert movers if there are stairs or steps involved because things may quickly get quite dangerous.

5. Disconnect The Spa Tub

Remove the power cable from the spa tub’s electrical system, coil it, wrap it in plastic, and store it in the space specified for it on the side panel of the spa. A single mistake can easily jeopardise the entire moving process; therefore, keep in mind that no wires should be hanging from the spa tub during transit.

6. Drain The Spa Tub

The next step is to drain your spa tub because it cannot be moved while it has water in it. Unfortunately, draining a home spa is not as simple and uncomplicated as draining a bathtub. Make sure to pay attention to the spa tub manufacturer’s directions to do it correctly. You’ll usually need to open the side panel before turning off the water supply. If your spa tub is inside, use a long hose to drain the water. If your spa tub is outside, next to your garden, you can drain it directly into an appropriate place in that garden or, if that’s a possibility for you, pump the water out near a street gutter.

7. Clean And Dry Out The Tub

Use an all-purpose cleaner or a cleaner recommended by the manufacturer to clean the interior of your spa tub. To prevent any surface damage, wipe it down gently. After thorough rinsing, use bath towels to absorb any water that remains. You can continue with the next step of your spa tub relocation once your spa tub is thoroughly clean and dry.

8. Remove The Tub’s Cover

It’s important to complete the spa tub moving preparation process. If your spa tub has a removable cover, it is better to take it off and move it separately from the tub. You should be able to quickly and damage-free reattach it after the move is finished. Most of the time, you’ll need to use a proper screwdriver to unscrew the cover of your portable spa. Do not forget to store the tiny screws in a secure container, preferably a plastic Ziploc bag.

9. Position The 4 Wood Pieces

Here are the most difficult and hazardous procedures for relocating a spa tub to a different home. Have all of your helpers lift the heavy spa tub’s corners just enough so that you can tuck a wooden piece underneath each one. To slide the moving dollies underneath the portable spa, the idea is to raise it off the ground. As a result, your spa tub should be standing upright on those four pieces of wood, approximately 4 inches off the ground.

10. Get The Dollies Under The Tub

The front section of the spa tub should be supported by a furniture dolly that has been securely attached with straps or rope. To ensure that the huge Tub structure won’t fall off the dollies, slide the other moving dolly to the back of the tub and secure it once again. This is a key stage, so go gently and start moving the home spa only after making sure the heavyweight is firmly attached to the moving dollies twice.

11. Roll The Tub To The Moving Truck

In the best-case scenario, the terrain will be mostly flat from your starting place to the moving truck, with no obstacles or barriers in your way. The load on the dollies should be kept quite stable by the straps or rope, but you’ll also need to take extra precautions. Roll the spa tub carefully in the direction of the moving vehicle while your helpers hold it stable with their hands. Avoid sudden movements, and if you face a challenge—such as trying to get the spa tub through a gate—just stop and consider the best course of action.

12. Load The Spa Tub Onto The Truck

The final stage in moving a spa tub with a moving truck is the riskiest. You’ll need to load the large moveable spa onto the moving truck once you are there. One person should be in front to provide direction, and the others should be at the back to provide enough forward momentum to push the spa tub up the loading ramp. To keep the spa tub from shifting while being carried, attach it to the sides of the vehicle once it is inside. Make contact with experts who have done it safely thousands of times before if you are extremely anxious about loading that heavy load into the truck. Never, ever forget that the most important thing is still for you and your helpers to avoid getting hurt.


By following these steps, you can relocate your spa table by yourself. But We don’t advise trying to move a spa tub to another home without expert help because it’s a risky operation. Hiring experts who are experienced in moving large hot tubs between homes is, without a doubt, the finest approach to relocating a hot tub. These specialised movers will arrive with all of the required moving equipment to complete the task quickly and, more importantly, safely. Their vast experience simply ensures that your valuable possession will arrive in the new house’s backyard in the same condition it left the old one – undamaged. If you are searching for the best spa table movers, then you can choose Harry The Mover. With years of expertise, we will ensure you a damage-free relocation of your valuable items. To book your move, you can contact us at 1800 318 026..

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