Useful Tips For Packing Pillow For House Move

Useful Tips For Packing Pillow For House Move
While moving to a new home, you might get stressed about how you will safely move your fragile items, such as glasses, crockery, artworks, and other fragile items. But you should also not ignore your soft and delicate pillow, which can get damaged by rigorous moves. Just like fragile items, it also requires proper care and packing while moving.

For this, we are describing here some step-by-step processes to pack your soft pillow. 

  • Do Sorting Of Your Pillows

It will help you if you sort your pillows and determine which one requires the utmost care. You can categorise them into two parts such as:

Do Sorting Of Your Pillows

  • Old pillows that are no longer required
  • Soft pillows that you use on a daily basis

If you collect all old or bad quality pillows at a place, you can easily pack the rest of them. So it is better to organise all your pillows first.

  • Use Old Pillow As Packing Material

After taking aside the old pillows that you no longer need, you can use them as a packing material. It will act as a safe place for keeping the new and delicate pillows. The old pillows and their cushions act as a protective cover for fragile items. You can pack:

  • A fragile glass of the mirror
  • Cover the frame of delicate artwork
  • Secure legs of chairs and tables

These all can be easily protected during the move by using the old or unused pillows.

  • Go With Quality Packing Material

You need to buy good quality packing material for your pillow as they offer comfort to you in the same manner you should offer a comfortable move to them. It would be best if you took your favourite pillow in the best condition to your new home.

Go With Quality Packing Material

For that, you have to invest in good quality packing materials. You will require plastic wrap, packing tape, and a tidy pillowcase for wrapping the pillow properly. 

  • Pack Each Pillow Individually

After arranging the right packing material, you need to pack them carefully. You can follow the below-described procedure:

  • Remove all types of dirt from the pillows. You can use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dust particles over them. 
  • Take a tidy pillowcase and cover each pillow one by one individually. 
  • After that, take plastic wrap and wrap your pillow with it. But be careful not to wrap so tightly. The shape of the pillow gets changed with the tight wrapping. 
  • Finally, secure the finished packing with packing tape.
  • Wrapped Pillow As Protecting Agent

A completely wrapped pillow will work best to protect your fragile items during transportation. You can place the wrapped pillow over fragile contained boxes in the form of cushioning.

Wrapped Pillow As Protecting Agent

But be careful and don’t place anything on the top of the pillow in the form of a stack; otherwise, it will damage the shape of the pillow. You can keep your pillow inside the cupboard drawers, bedside and dressing table drawers so that the pillow can be relocated without any defect.

  • Unwrap Pillow On Priority

After uploading your objects, you should try to unwrap your pillows on a priority basis to avoid any type of shape issue. Also, if you will keep your pillow in wrapped form for longer hours, then the probability of generating a mouldy smell will increase, and it will take time to remove. You can label the box of pillows as ‘High Priority.

  • Reject Or Donate Old/Unused Pillows

If you have no moving plans in the upcoming time, then it would be a good idea to donate your unused or old pillow to some needy one. There is no point to keep them in your home as they are no longer required for you, and they will only contribute to making clutter in your home. So when you see pillows that are not in good condition, then you should discard them simply.


By following all the above-described procedures, you can pack your pillows and relocate them easily. They will also act as a good protecting material for other fragile items. Harry The Mover offers reliable end to end moving services. Our professionals take care of all objects in the best manner and deliver them in a timely manner to your new address. You will find all our services, packing, unpacking, and moving under your budget.

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