Tips For Easy Move Of Heavy Items

heavy item move

If you are planning for an interstate relocation in the near future, you must have a fear in your mind regarding the safe movement of heavy items. When it comes to moving heavy items, the goal is to be as efficient as possible. Heavy items include a refrigerator, furniture, pool table, piano, washing machine, and dishwasher. All these items are expensive and valuable, so any damage to these bulky items may lead to a huge loss for you. So to avoid this damage while relocating, you need to be aware of some techniques. 

Moving heavy items from one place to another is always a difficult task and cant be done by a single person. If you have some friends or family members who are capable of helping you in this task, then it’s well and good, but if not, then you can hire a professional removalist. They will ensure you the damage-free movement of your valuable items. Doing it yourself will require some tips. Follow these tips for easy movement of your belongings. 

Plan The Move According To The Measurement Of Heavy Items

heavy item move plan

Planning is always the preferable option because it makes things go more smoothly. Prepare a suitable plan before starting your move. Under this, make a list and note down all the important points regarding the heavy items. For example, will the couch fit through the door or the window?

Measure all the items. This will determine if they can be easily relocated from the door or window based on the measurements. Then decide the strategy to move from one place to another, keeping in mind all possible obstacles or difficulties along the way. Preparing this will help you protect your belongings, home, and yourself!

Remove All Items That Are Attached

heavy items

To make easy movement of bulky items, you must remove all the attached parts. Like, don’t move the desk with its drawers attached to it. Also, don’t forget to remove the content laying inside the drawers. All drawers and shelves should be empty, and then detach them from the desk if possible. If you can’t remove them, tape them to shut, so they don’t open while they move. You should also detach the wings of the wall fan for carrying easily.

If possible, remove all furniture legs as well as any protruding handles, pulls, or knobs. This process of removing attached items will make your work easier. But do not forget to label everything you remove so you can put it back in its right place. You can use painter’s tape for labelling. This not only makes your furniture and appliances lighter, but it also means less damage to floors, gouged walls, and pinched fingers. 

Use Tools To Protect From Damage

heavy item protection

You can also use some tools to protect your belongings from damage. No matter how careful you are, sometimes, as we are carrying heavy equipment, there is a risk of crashing or breaking. Use tape to secure the protective covering to your furniture, so it doesn’t slip when you’re carrying it. A desk can be pushed against the wall if you lose balance while moving down steps. So you can use some tools to protect your items from damage :

  • Furniture Sliders – There is no need to push or pull heavy furniture; instead, use furniture sliders. That will make your work easy and damage-free. Furniture sliders, in their various forms, reduce friction between the heavy item and the floor, allowing for a faster and easier movement.
  • Dollies And Carts – There are several different types of wheeled moving tools that you can rent for the duration of your relocation. Dollies and carts are four-wheeled square tools that are very useful in moving heavy items safely to distribute even weight. Carts have a handle to push or pull heavy items easily. However, before wheeling anything away, make sure you secure your belongings, so they don’t shift or fall off while you’re moving.
  • Stairs Rollers – Stair rollers attach to heavy objects so they can be easily rolled down steps. For the proper guidance of furniture down the stairs you can use this equipment. This tool works best when used by multiple people.

Push Instead Of Pull

heavy item push

Pushing heavy furniture where it needs to go is far easier on your body than pulling it, so don’t be scared to push it instead of lifting it. Pulling also puts additional pressure on your back, but pushing does not. However, unless you want to deal with refinishing the floor or repairing shredded carpeting, place cardboard, an old mat, or a sheet under the furniture and pull it across the floor with that. Putting a carpet or other covering under the object will protect the floor from scratches while also making pushing simpler.

Hire Professional Removalists 

Moving heavy items is not an easy task to conduct on your own, so you must hire a professional removalist to do this job. Removalists have all the essential equipment required for the safe move of your expensive and valuable items. Before hiring a removalist make sure that they will provide you with an insurance claim if any items have been damaged during the move. Hiring removalists is very beneficial according to moving yourself as removalists are skilled and experienced, so the chance of damage is minimised.  

Last Note

Heavy items like refrigerators, washing machines, beds, couches, and others are very expensive and valuable. If you plan to relocate, take care of these items by following these useful tips. Moving is not easy, but moving tools can make it much easier for you to relocate bulky items without damage. 

If you find it impossible to do it yourself, you can hire a professional removalist to move your essentials. They will ensure the damage-free movement of your items. You can contact Harry The Mover for the relocation of your heavy items. We provide all types of relocation services like house relocation, office relocation, piano relocation, etc. Our team will provide you with the best tips for easy movement of heavy items.

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