Things Commonly Neglected During a Move

It is obvious that everyone wants a relocation that is stress-free and completed in one go. Forgetting to pack an essential thing during the move can prove to be very irritating and frustrating. However, amid all the stress, it is essential that you stay sorted and to avoid all the chaos and hassles on the final day or after that, you must prepare a checklist of all the items that people commonly forget during the move. 

  • Adaptors, Chargers and Plug-ins

We all tend to remember all the large-sized stuff while packing for a move but often forget the small and essential things. Remember your laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic stuff cannot function without chargers and adapters. Therefore, it is recommended to pack all these electronic items in a box together and label them so that you can easily identify and find these essential items whenever you need them.

  • Keys

This is one of the most common things that is either lost accidentally or forgotten somewhere. The keys can be a cupboard, car, new or old house, etc. In case the keys go missing, you will face difficulty later on. It is recommended that you keep all the keys to your house, cars, and cupboards in one place so that it is easy for you to find them whenever you need them. Also, it saves you from accidentally packing those keys with your possessions and ending up being a mess finding them.


Amidst a big relocation, nobody tends to remember these small things. Make sure that you keep two pieces of spare keys with your family members so that you have an alternative in case your important keys are misplaced.

  • Medicines and Prescriptions

If you have some medications that you consume daily and can’t afford to skip even a single day, pack a vanity case for the rest of the remaining pills and bottles for yourself. In this manner, you can move your prescriptions and supplements themselves. The scariest thing you have to deal with while making a move is forgetting your medicines, supplements and prescriptions, so make sure you pack them well in advance.

  • Borrowed Possessions

We all borrow one thing or the other, once in a while in our lifetime. It is most common that we usually forget whether it may be a kitchen appliance we have borrowed or a library book we took to read. It is suggested that if you are in the habit of forgetting things, make a list of all the borrowed possessions so there’s nothing left to return once you move. So, when you are packing your belongings to move make sure that there’s nothing to return that isn’t yours.

  • Arranging a Substitute For Your Pets

If you have your pets escorting you during your move, make sure you make proper arrangements for their food, water, leash, and other useful possessions.

Arranging a Substitute For Your Pets

Adapting to a new house may already be difficult for your pet, and in addition to it, adjusting to a new place without their valuable essentials may be easy for you but not for your pets in such a short period.

  • Phone Books and Address Books

Lastly, another usually forgotten belonging during your relocation is the phonebook or address book. They are essential as you cannot leave all your contacts behind. So, when formulating your packing checklist, don’t forget to include this important essential. You will face another difficulty finding the important phone numbers and addresses when required in case you miss your phone and address books.

It is very puzzling to see responsible people forgetting the most commonly used things during a move. Therefore, to avoid any chaos and mismanagement at the last moment, we recommend you prepare the checklist for all such things, so you don’t have to face difficulty in the last time. Keeping all the above factors in mind, Harry The Movers will be overwhelmed to make your relocating journey stress-free and smooth for you. We guarantee you obligation-free quotes, door-to-door services and 100% satisfaction, so quickly book your move and rest as we are here to get it done for you. 

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