How Much Do Interstate Removalists Cost In Melbourne?

Interstate Removalists

We don’t find our dream home in the same city or state we live in. Sometimes, the location is not ideal, while other times, the interior doesn’t match our lifestyle. That’s why we have to relocate to a different state. Since you don’t do this frequently, you might not know how much interstate removalists cost in Melbourne. Lack of planning can result in burdened finances and wasted efforts and time, especially when you are required to move interstate.

That’s why you must be aware of the amount you should have in your hand for interstate removalists. If you are planning to move interstate and wondering how much interstate removalists cost in Melbourne, expect to pay between $2,000 and $10,000. The cost of your move will depend on several factors, including the distance, storage, volume of goods and more.

Keep reading this exclusive blog, which contains vital information on factors that affect the cost of interstate moving, how much interstate removalists cost in Melbourne, and everything else you need to know.

Average Cost of Interstate Moving in Melbourne

Average Cost

Determining interstate removalists’ costs in Melbourne is essential before you plan your move to a different state. So, the average cost of interstate moving is between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on several factors, including the distance the removalist needs to travel, the volume of goods and whether you need a speciality service.

One of the best ways to save money while moving interstate is by hiring a reputed removalist in Melbourne, which offers top-notch interstate moving services to its beloved clients at reasonable prices. Another way to save money during your interstate move is by hiring a removalist in Melbourne during non-peak season, especially not on a public holiday.

Estimated Interstate Removalists’ Cost of Different States

You got the average interstate removalist cost in Melbourne from the above information. Let’s dive deep into this section of this exclusive blog to determine the cost of moving from Melbourne to different states.

Interstate Removalists Cost in Melbourne
State Names Average Move Cost State Names Average Move Cost
Sydney to Melbourne $2,800 Hobart to Melbourne $3,553
Brisbane to Melbourne $3,200 Newcastle to Melbourne $2,599
Canberra to Melbourne $2,900 Gold Coast to Melbourne $3,127
Bunbury to Melbourne $21,582 Dubbo to Melbourne $4,400
Darwin to Melbourne $2,734 Beaconsfield to Melbourne $2,000

Note: The above-listed information regarding the interstate removalist cost in Melbourne might not be accurate. Contact your removalists for exact rates regarding your next interstate move!

Factors Affecting Interstate Removalists’ Cost


As mentioned above, the interstate removalists’ cost depends on many factors, such as distance, goods, storage, etc. Let’s go through those factors to determine the approximate cost of your interstate move without further delay!


The cost of interstate moves in Melbourne is calculated with the distance from start to finish in mind, unlike local moves, where removalists in Melbourne charge on an hourly basis and calculate the total amount based on the travel time. It means if you relocate to a short distance, like Melbourne to Canberra, you have to pay less, while for a far distance, for instance, from Melbourne to Perth, you might have to pay a higher price.


Moving is not always straightforward. It is a stressful ordeal, and when you don’t know whether your existing furniture will fit into your new home, you might get more stressed, which no one wants. For that purpose, removalists in Melbourne offer storage to their beloved customers, which, of course, comes at a price. So, if you need storage during your interstate move, expect to pay more than the average price.

The Volume of Goods

The cost of interstate removalists in Melbourne will also be affected by the volume of furniture you need to move. The more furniture you need to move interstate, the larger truck you will need for the move. Big-size trucks are expensive! Also, if you need to move bulky items interstate, such as a piano, pool table, etc., they will make your move a bit pricey, so be ready to open your wallets to the interstate removalists in Melbourne.

Time of Moving

If you are moving during the peak moving season, which is June, July, and August, expect to pay more than you would during a non-peak season. It is always better to consider moving to a non-peak season if possible. Also, families and students mostly plan their moves at the start of the month since leases run out at the end of the month. If you have the opportunity to plan your interstate move in advance, try booking removalists in Melbourne in midweek or mid-month – the best time to move.

Speciality Fees

Since every home is different, so are its interstate moving needs, and some homes need additional services for the move of speciality items, such as heirlooms, antiques, and other valuables. Though the only extra thing required for the transportation of these speciality items is extra care and attention, it will greatly affect interstate removalists’ costs in Melbourne.

An example of a speciality service could be the transportation of a vintage motorcycle or a wall clock. These antique items require much extra care. Removalists are required to build a box around these items for a safe and sound move.


Your interstate removalists in Melbourne will try their best to ensure your possessions’ safe transportation from one state to another. However, there is always a probability of something unavoidable, which is why you should buy moving insurance for your next interstate move.

Different types of insurance are available for interstate moving, ranging from $500 to $1500 or even more. Some of the most common types of moving insurance are as follows:

  • Contents Insurance
  • Goods in Transit
  • Standalone Insurance


While planning an interstate relocation, you might forget about your pet relocation. Though pet relocation might seem easy, it is not, as every pet tends to react differently to a move. Some interstate removalists include pet relocation in their furniture removal services,  while others do not, at an additional cost of $100-$500, which is more convenient.

If your removalist doesn’t offer pet relocation, you can relocate them via flight or with you in the car. However, before heading towards your new home, get your pet vet cleared so your pet doesn’t suffer because of your interstate relocation. Pets tend to put on a lot of stress during moves, so ensure you take care of their health!

Tips to Save Money During Your Interstate Move

Tips to Save Money

Indeed, moving is expensive, but with a little planning, you can save a few dollars on your next interstate move. Here is a list of tips for saving money on your next interstate move that will come in handy!

Decluttering is the Key

While moving to a different city, you might find yourself dealing with a lot of junk or old furniture in your backyard. Start to declutter your home before you start packing and make your move easy. You might have a lot of items in your home that you are not going to need in your new house. Instead of carrying all the junk along with the necessary items, you should donate it.

While throwing things always seems like a good choice, especially when you are short on time, donate the clothing, furniture, or everything else you do not need, which will surely give you personal satisfaction afterwards. If you are not aware of where you can donate furniture, clothes, etc., just Google and you can find a lot of donation centres near you in a fraction of a second.

However, if you are not planning on donating things, you can always sell them out to get some funds and allocate them towards moving costs. Though that won’t cover all the costs of moving, it will help you reduce the burden on your finances significantly. Either you can list the items you do not need on websites like eBay or go straight to a consignment shop in Melbourne.

Pack Smart

Paying for things during a move that you can do yourself doesn’t make any sense. You can pack your stuff on your own. It not only saves you money, but it will also save you time. Once you have packed all the material, your removalists will just pick up the packed items from your home and load them into the trailer. Otherwise, your removalists will pack up your items carefully (experience matters) and charge you for that!

Another thing you can do to save money while moving is to use free moving boxes instead of spending money on moving supplies (which cost a lot). Now the question of where you can find free moving boxes might have cropped up in your mind. For that purpose, you can connect with your local grocery store, book stores, or get help online, but do not forget to get help from your neighbours.

Your neighbours can help you procure free moving boxes (if you have good ones) and you can also ask for help from them while packing your furniture and other items. Remember to get help from family and friends as well. They can help you make your move easy.

Pro Tip – Try packing more material in one box to save money during your move!

Ship Your Books

If you are a book lover, you might have amassed a healthy collection of books over time. Shipping your books is one of the best ways to transport them from point A to point B. We all know that books are too heavy; they take up a lot of space, and you can’t fold or collapse them during transportation, increasing your overall cost of relocation. In order to save money during your move, you can consider shipping your books, as it will help you save a lot of time.

So, go to your nearby shipping centre to determine the cost of moving your collection of books and use this method of transportation to send your books to your new home without worrying or getting broke. You can utilise the space that you freed for items that you cannot ship or relocate through any other cost-effective method of transportation.

Prepare Meals in Advance

The thought of eating pizza daily seems too exciting but not when you have already spent thousands of dollars moving your stuff. Eating pizza for the next few weeks or until you get all the things or unpack everything can cost you a fortune. That’s why you should plan your meals in advance!

Planning your meals in advance is as simple as making food at your old home and popping it into the freezer. You can also create a list of groceries that you will need to cook delicious food, which can help you save money that you were going to spend on pizza and other junk food items and compromise your health.

Book Your Movers Strategically

One of the most effective ways to save money during your move is by hiring a removalist in Melbourne strategically. Instead of booking a moving service on weekends, in peak season, or at the end of the month, consider moving off-season, mid-month and on weekdays. Since the lease ends at the end of the month, people start moving to their new nestle at the start of the new month.

Also, students, working professionals and families plan their moves on weekends and public holidays. And since removalists in Melbourne get enough bookings for weekends, they tend to charge you extra for the move as they need to hire more resources for the job. But you have to do the exact opposite of what other people do!

You can expect to save at least 20 to 30 percent if you consider moving during the weekdays, mid-month and non-peak seasons. However, if doing so is not possible due to any unavoidable reason, you should spend a handsome amount of time to get the best bang for your buck.

Get Multiple Quotes

Choosing the first removalist that comes your way during your search for the best removalist in Melbourne is not the best way to get started with your interstate move. You should do extensive research and find a removalist that perfectly suits your needs in terms of service quality, availability, and finances.

An effective way to select the best removalist in Melbourne for your next interstate move is by getting multiple quotes from removalists, determining what each has to offer, comparing them, and choosing one that has the best to offer you at a decent price. However, don’t go for offers that look too good to be true!

The chances of getting duped when it’s your first time buying a product or service are higher and you also must ask the interstate removal company for any hidden costs. Otherwise, you might end up paying them more than you were initially expecting. With all these factors in mind, it is not that difficult to choose an interstate removalist in Melbourne.

Negotiation is a Must

Have you got good negotiation skills? Why not use them while hiring an interstate removalist in Melbourne? Do not hesitate to ask the company how much they can discount you or if there is any ongoing offer, discount or special option that will contribute to the reduction of your overall moving costs.

If you have a flexible moving date, discuss it with your mover, which might help reduce the cost of moving and get you an offer you won’t get anywhere else. Some interstate removalists in Melbourne also offer their customers pocket-friendly financing plans, making their interstate move easy and affordable.

On the Final Note

Whether you are moving locally or interstate, every move is stressful, and since you don’t do it frequently, you have no idea of the cost of hiring interstate removalists in Melbourne. Several factors affect interstate removalist costs, including the volume of goods you need to relocate, if there are too many bulky items in your house and whether you are relocating with a pet.

The average interstate removalist cost in Melbourne, Australia, is between $2,000 and $10,000, and how much you pay your removalist in total depends on your negotiation skills and research (and the above factors, obviously). Though you might find a lot of removalists on Google, finding a reliable furniture removalist in Melbourne takes time.

If you are short on time and struggling to find the best interstate removalist in Melbourne within your budget, Harry the Mover could be your final destination. We offer interstate moving services to our beloved clients at affordable prices with exceptional customer service. For more information regarding our interstate removals, get in touch with our team today!