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Heavy Item Move Service In Melbourne

Are you looking for heavy item moving services in Melbourne? Harry the Mover is right here to help you and serve you at budget-friendly prices. Moving heavy items can be a nightmare for anyone if you don’t have a plan. Our professional team of Removalists provides some tips which will surely help you in planning the next move for heavy items. 

Hiring Harry the Mover for relocating the heavy items is neither too costly nor takes a long time to shift. Our professionals carefully pick up your items from your place and shift your heavy items without any brokerage and damage. We have a team of trained professionals who have years of experience in relocating. It’s the best idea to hire the experts of Harry the Mover, after that you can sit back and relax as the movers will ensure you that we will safely relocate your heavy belongings. Our team will take care of the whole process.

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The Best Tips for Moving Heavy Items

Here, we are providing some tips that are used during the relocation process and are really very helpful for moving heavy items.

  1. It is far better to push the heavy object rather than pulling it. If the item is too heavy to lift then you can push that heavy-weighted item rather than pulling it. Before moving that object you need to cushion it with a blanket or newspaper so that the item may not damage the flooring.
  2. If you are lifting a heavy item like a couch then it should be laid on its back and then should be moved. If you find it difficult to shift then you can also remove the legs of the heavy object. It is obvious that some of the heavy items can’t be moved out through the door so they are moved out from the windows with the help of ropes.
  3. Need to move a heavy kitchen item like a fridge, washing machine, or dishwasher, you can spill a little washing-up liquid on the floor so that you can smoothly move those heavy items.
  4. To shift a heavy item downstairs we use a board as a ramp which makes the task quite easy. Or sometimes we use a heavy blanket instead and keep the heavy item on the quilt and lift the edges slightly with both hands.
  5. Moving an LCD or LED TV is not an easy task as it needs much care while shifting. It must be covered with a blanket or must be packed in a carton.

Pro-tip: It is highly recommended that you do not move these heavy items on your own. Hire the experts of Harry the Mover which makes your task simple.

    Whatever It Is, We Relocate Your Heavy Items Safely

    It is not an easy job to move weighty items, especially furniture items, pianos, and pool tables. It seems to be a challenge for anyone to shift these bulky objects. But no worries, experts of Harry the Mover know how to overcome this situation. We are equipped with the best equipment, experience, and manpower to complete the moving process.

    • Moving Heavy Furniture

    While relocating things, the first question that arises is where to start if moving on your own. For moving heavy furniture you must hire professional removalists as there are many advantages of hiring them. Your move will be stress-free as our experts lessen the burden of moving. We use the right skills and equipment while relocating.

    • Moving Pianos

    Pianos are quite heavy and fragile. Pianos contain strings, keys, and pedals which can be easily damaged. Harry The Mover ensures that your pianos are carefully and safely relocated. We use the right equipment like hydraulic tailgate lifts which allow pianos to be easily relocated. For your security, we also provide insurance policies for every move which you can claim in case of any damage or loss.

    • Moving Pool Tables

    Pool tables weigh almost 1000 Kgs. Moving a pool table is not an easy task, it may look like a simple dining table but in reality, it requires proper attention while moving. It is strongly recommended to hire a professional for relocating the pool table as it is not easy to do on your own. Harry The Mover ensures that your pool table is moved safely using specialized equipment to avoid any damage. Our team of experts is experienced in moving a pool table.

    Why Choose Us?

    We offer an easy and satisfying moving process. Harry the Mover’s heavy item move service is a specialized one. We have years of experience in moving heaving objects safely from one location to another. Also, the cost of relocating heavy objects will be suitable for your pocket. You can get competitive online quotes from our friendly staff by contacting at 1800 318 026.

    We recommend you to choose the reasons behind choosing our heavy item moving service for your next move. Let us have a quick glance –

    Uses modern techniques

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