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 If you are looking for a single item move service in Melbourne, it would be beneficial for you to hire the service of Harry the Mover. Our movers will ensure that all your stuff is shipped to the new destination within a brief timeframe. our service will not only make the move easy but also it will save you a lot of money and time and will not cause any problems like damage or breakage of furniture. Our professional and trained workers can handle all the small and big things without you feeling sorry! They will also offer you expert advice regarding the best way of moving your belongings without causing any damage to your precious items or furniture.

With regards to moving house or office, it tends to be an overwhelming interaction. Utter security needs in pressing and moving all your significant assets from your present home to the objective. Hiring professionals from our No.1 company is a better idea because you can rest assured that all the belongings are well taken care of and safe in our temporary storage facility. You just have to wait for the move to complete and Melbourne’s decade-old Harry the Mover will take care of everything for you.

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What We Offer

To begin with, let us take a gander at what an ‘ITM’ is for those that are new to the business. A ‘solitary thing moving organization’ (also referred to as an ITM) is help given by Melbourne’s trucking organizations, as Harry the Mover.  And generally, we offer the following services to their customers:

  • Moving multiple items at one time – This can include items such as cars, boats, furniture, and anything else you want to move. The cost will depend on the size and weight of each item, the distance it needs to be moved, and the equipment used. In general larger items, such as boats, require more equipment and more manpower to safely transport them to their new home or location. Larger items will require more employees to safely transport them and will cost more than smaller items.
  • Moving one item at a time – One thing may incorporate an enormous household item, like a couch or loveseat, that is hard to move given because of its weight or huge size. It is a lot simpler and less distressing to move singular household items, like beds, couches, and so on with the help of an ITM because every one of our staff will actually want to assist every client with the legitimate instruments and gear to successfully move one household item starting with one spot then onto the next.

    Benefits Of Hiring Single Item Move Service

    If you are planning to relocate or move in a few months, you should consider hiring the services of a single item move service from Harry the Mover. Our administration can help you complete the migration interaction by stacking heavy items and moving them starting with one spot then onto the next. It is absurd to expect to move every one of your merchandise without help from anyone else and this will be tedious and tiring. Read below the benefits hidden behind hiring our assured service –

    • Reasonable prices 
    • Relocation process with a minimum of worry and stress.
    • Careful packaging of the boxes while transportation.
    • Arrange for proper storage of the goods.
    • Provide moving vans during the relocation process.
    • Proper information about packing the goods while moving.

    Thus, all these benefits of Harry the Mover ensure the goods to be transported in the most appropriate manner so that you can reach your new home in no time.

    Why Choose Us?

    Having an easy and satisfying moving process, choosing the best house mover is likewise an essential part. Harry the Mover’s single item move service is a specialized one. It has emerged as an integral part of most parts of Melbourne in the past few decades. And the same has become necessary, with aid of a high demand amongst the household and workplaces.

    It is thus important for you to be aware of the reasons behind choosing our single item moving service for all your items. Let us have a quick glance –

    Uses modern techniques

    Decade-old company

    High-quality workforce

    Well-trained executives

    Full insurance cover

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    For emergency services call us on 1800 318 026

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    We at Harry the Mover are always ready for all our respected customers in Melbourne. Along with catering to special offers to beginners, our expert advisors and customer executives are always ready to guide and assist you with further knowledge on moving single items in and around Melbourne. Feel free to contact us at 1800 318 026. Remain hassle-free, while our trained employees take over the entire single item moving service of your location.



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