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Heavy Items Movers & Packers In Adelaide

Have you planned a move? But the stress of moving heavy items like a bathtub, wardrobe, furniture, etc., is worrying you? Cooldown when you have Harry The Mover to cover it all for you! Perfect and damage-free move for heavy items is still a dream for many people, but we are here to fulfil your dreams. We follow a proper pattern of relocation where our trained and skilled removalists will first clean your valuables and dismantle them, following which they will pack and load them simultaneously, relocating them and then assembling them to their original condition. You just have to sit and relax while we perform all the tasks and move your hefty items safely and without any damage to its new location. We believe in complete transparency, and therefore, we don’t assign the move to contractors to cut costs. Our well-trained and well-equipped full-time team perform all the duties of packing and moving.

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Most Important Heavy Items Moving Tips

Below is a short guide that will help you to understand the loopholes that can cause damage while moving heavy essentials and give you a list of precautions you must follow to avoid them.

  • It is much more convenient to push something than to pull it. So, next time when you relocate hefty items, try to push them rather than pulling them. It is highly recommended to stuff your floor with old and worn-off blankets, newspapers to avoid damage while pushing the items.
  • We advise you to spray some of the washing liquid on the floor first before moving the kitchen equipment like refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, etc. This will create a greasing effect on the floor, causing no scratch or damage on it.
  • Whenever you move a heavy item like couches, sofa or any other kind of furniture, you must always dismantle it first by removing its legs, sliding it steadily through its back being laid down. Sometimes, you may have to move the couches through windows using ropes due to congested entrances and exits.  Harry the Mover, being the best furniture removalist, will get it done for you safely and effectively.
  • We advise you to move items like huge LCD TVs, LEDs, home theaters, etc., on your own, and before relocating, you must pack them with furniture pads and blankets for safeguarding them.

    We Relocate All The Heavy Belongings!

    Moving massive and bulky items is a challenging task and requires a lot of physical hard work, professionalism and training. If an unskilled or untrained person moves weighty items, they may end up injuring themselves. Below are some of the things that require experts to relocate.

    • Moving Wardrobe

    A wardrobe is a bulky type of furniture commonly used to place all the clothes and other essentials safely in one place. Moving may sound like a frustrating task for you due to a lack of knowledge and proper equipment, but you don’t have to worry at all when you have professionals beside you in Adelaide. We will use professional tools like wardrobe covers, pallet jacks, etc. and dismantle your wardrobe first to pass it through congested entries and exits. Then, once it’s relocated, we will assemble it back to its original position.

    • Moving Bathtub

    Do you love to take tubs bath? Or do you have a commercial spa center? But the stress of safe relocation of your bathtub is troubling you? Are you planning to take assistance from friends & family, but there is no assurance it will end up being a safe and secure move! We have a solution to all your problems. Of course, relocating a bathtub or spa tub demands a special kind of moving supplies and packing equipment, but more than that, its technique is significant, and our experts will cover it all for you.

    • Moving Dining Table

    A dining table always reminds us of a beautiful phrase “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” The dining table is the most expensive and comfortable furniture in our house, and you’ll absolutely want to move it too during house relocation. However, while moving it to or around Adelaide, you must hire experts to avoid risks and discrepancies. Harry The Mover is here at your service to relocate your essentials safely and without damage.

    Why Choose Us?

    We offer an easy and satisfying moving process. Harry the Mover’s heavy item move service is a specialized one. We have years of experience in moving heaving objects safely from one location to another. Also, the cost of relocating heavy objects will be suitable for your pocket. You can get competitive online quotes from our friendly staff by contacting at 1800 318 026.

    We recommend you to choose the reasons behind choosing our heavy item moving service for your next move. Let us have a quick glance –

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