How To Host A Successful Garage Sale Before Relocating

How To Host A Successful Garage Sale Before Relocating<br />

In case you are planning to move to a new place, then getting rid of your extra belongings which you don’t want to take with you is essential. Getting ready for relocating to a new place can be an exciting phase of your life but also a stressful task too as you need to sort out the things that you’ll be needing in your new place and the things which you won’t need. To get rid of your extra things, a great option could be organising a garage sale before moving. 

Hosting a garage sale is a safe and entertaining way to declutter and this will also help reduce the weight of your shipment which means it will reduce your moving expenses. This sale will not only allow you to say goodbye to your old unwanted stuff and reduce the cost of shipping but also help in making some money. With the help of these earnings, you could pay your moving expenses or buy new items for decor in your new house. Sounds Good, but you might not have hosted a garage sale before. Don’t worry as we are here to guide you with some helpful tricks and tips to host a successful garage sale before your relocation. 

1. Sort Things First Which You Gonna Sell

Sort Things First Which You Gonna Sell

Start by finding all the stuff around your house which is perfect for selling. Go through your rooms, cupboards, and stores to spot all the unwanted items and then sort them all together in one place. Choosing your own things with an objective eye for selling can be hard. So, the best way to solve such a situation is to ask your family and friends for help. As they know you very well, they can figure out which items are useful for you and which are not. With their guidance, you can easily be able to sort your stuff with an objective eye which will make the process a lot faster too. Few things you should keep in mind while selecting your items for sale such as:

  • The items should not be damaged or in a bad condition
  • Your electronic items should be in proper working condition
  • Check your clothes that they don’t have any holes or any kind of stitching issue

It’s a good idea to give each item that you have chosen to sell at your garage sale a thorough cleaning before putting it up for sale. Wipe down shelves, tables, or chairs to remove any dust they may have accumulated, and give your clothing one last wash. 

2. Choose Your Sale Date And Time

Choose Your Sale Date And Time

Act smart while choosing your sale date and time. As compared to any other weekdays, weekends are the best and most probably a Saturday. It is recommended to host a garage sale during the spring season as this weather is perfect for people to stay outside of their houses more. Also, avoid hosting a garage sale during holidays or a particular day when something big is there in your city such as a huge sports event or a celebration. Schedule your garage sale at least 3 to 4 weeks before your relocation day so that you can get enough time to sort your items for sale, advertise it, and pack your belongings for the move without stressing out at the last moment. And for the timings, try to start selling your items in the morning around 7 am or maybe early until the afternoon. This is probably the best time of the day to attract a huge crowd towards your sale.

3. Make An Inventory Of Selling Items

Make An Inventory Of Selling Items

It is important to make an inventory of the items which you are putting on for garage sale. This will help you in keeping proper track of both the situations – while setting things up and when the items are sold off. You can create your inventory based on its price, size, and purpose or according to your preferences. After all, as the sale is yours so you only have the power to make the rules for it. In case you want, you can start by setting your selling items in one place so that they can easily be found and arranged for the garage sale. For this, the inventory will help you in checking which items are to be placed for the garage sale and responding to the questions regarding whether you are providing particular stuff.

4. Set Up Your Sale Area

Set Up Your Sale Area

Do proper planning regarding where to set up your sale. Search for an ideal spot on your property where the sale arrangements can be done with a proper layout and enough place for the customers to browse easily. You have to set up your sale area neatly and in an organized form so that it becomes easy for your customers to look around and select something to buy that attracts their eyes. To organize the items, you can set them up according to their price, use, purpose, and size. Use the tables to display smaller items and make a group of products such as clothes, electronics, kitchen items, outdoor items, etc. To get the best price for your items, make sure that they all are tidy and in good condition. 

5. Check Any Local Authorities For Moving the Sale

Check Any Local Authorities For Moving the Sale

Some places have rules and regulations that have to be followed for hosting a garage sale. Some of them include – a limitation on the number of days you can put your sale, the kinds of stuff that can be sold, or how much quantity you can sell. Moreover, depending on the location where you live, you might take a specific permit and you need to put the permit number on the display on your garage sale. Just to stay on the safer side, you have to get in contact with your local city authorities and inquire about whether you require a specific permit or if there are any kind of rules and regulations of which you have to be aware. You have to do this at least a month before your garage sale so that if there is any need to get a permit or do any kind of preparations, then you have enough time to figure it out.

6. Display Your Creativity In Advertising

Display Your Creativity In Advertising

Advertising your garage sale is very important to attract a crowd towards your selling place. One of the most common ways to advertise a garage sale is by putting a sign or banner on the side of the road. You need to put up the sign at least a week before the garage sale which clearly displays where and when your sale will start. You can use social media platforms too such as Facebook and Instagram to promote your sale for reaching high audiences. You can even think of printing pamphlets and asking your friends and family to distribute them to their neighbours or paste them on walls or street lights. Make sure to use some catchy quotes related to your sale and mention all the required details on the pamphlets such as the list of selling items, price range, location, contact number, etc. 

7. Put A Price Tag On Your Selling Items

Put A Price Tag On Your Selling Items

Putting a price tag on each of your selling items is important as it helps your customers to know the price. Garage sales can get fully crowded with people and in such situations, it becomes very difficult to tell the prices of different items to the customers. Even if you have your family and friends to help you with the dealing, it can sometimes become hard for them to remember the price of all the items to tell the customers. 

The pricing of your items is entirely up to you whether you want or don’t want to negotiate with your customers, but labelling everything in advance will spare you the headache of having to figure out a price on the day of the sale. You can also group your items in the box like – Everything For $5, in case you don’t want to tag every item. Earning some money can be one of the main objectives of a garage sale before your move, but keep in mind that if you put higher prices on your items then you won’t be able to get many customers to purchase your stuff. So, be mindful and price your items accordingly. 

8. Be Open To Bargain

Be Open To Bargain

Most people try to get extra discounts from sales, so you need to keep yourself flexible in case of bargaining. People usually visit garage sales for amazing deals and discounts but they don’t pay the same amount for the items they have chosen to purchase as they would pay in any thrift store. The general rule is that you should not put a price of any item higher than one-third of its actual price, no matter if the condition of an item is great. 

In case you have got an interested customer for your stuff but they are not ready to pay you their full price, then you should consider lowering your price. You don’t have to accept the price which your customers are offering, but lowering the price a little might convince them to make their purchase. If you have any items whose prices can’t be dropped, then you can put a sticker or a tag by mentioning it – “Fix Price” or “No Bargain”.

9. Keep Your Customers Entertained

Keep Your Customers Entertained

One of the best ways to keep your valuable customers stuck around your garage sale for a long time is to provide them with some amenities and refreshments for their enjoyment. In case there is a hot day, you can set a table with cold water, lemonade, soda drinks, baked goods, and some snacks. It is ultimately your choice whether you want to give these refreshments to your customers for free or want to charge them. You can also install a tent or a giant umbrella where your customers can get some relief from the heat. It may add more work for you to do, but at the end of the day, you will definitely be satisfied with selling. At last, you can give your customers a friendly thank you with a smile in return for their purchase as they might get touched and decide to come back later.


After The Sale Ends

After The Sale Ends

It’s a little doubtful that all the items will get sold out at your garage sale, but at least you will manage to reduce some of the loads to pack for moving. When your garage sale comes to an end and you are left with your unsold items, to get rid of them you can consider doing a few things which are mentioned below:-

  • Sell Your Furniture And Valuable Items Online – In case you are left with some pieces of furniture and valuable items, then consider selling them on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay, or any other online marketplaces. You can list your items such as furniture, clothes, outdoor equipment, electronics, and many more. Before pricing your items, you can see similar items’ prices that are listed and lower your price accordingly to sell them faster.  
  • Sell Your Clothes In Thrift Stores – It’s difficult to sell your clothes at a garage sale or any online platform. One of the best options is to sell your clothes in a thrift store. Make sure that the clothes which you are selling should be in good condition and don’t have any kind of damage or strain on them. Thrift stores might not pay you much in exchange for your clothes, but in the end, something is better than nothing. Also, it is a good thing that your clothes will be used again by someone who really wants it. 
  • Consider Donating The Items Which You Can’t Sell – If you are still left with some good-condition items, then you can consider donating them away. You can check online to find places for non-profits that accept donations of the items which you have. After you have packed all the items to donate, take them and leave them at a drop-off center. Some organizations also provide pick-up facilities, so you can crosscheck it. 


A garage sale before your relocation is the best way to get rid of unwanted things while earning some money. Host a garage sale just to have an amazing experience but don’t let it stress you out. And when your sale is over, donate your unsold goods to a good cause. When you get free with all your decluttering and selling, the next step for you is to start packing for your move. So, you need to hire a professional moving company like Harry The Mover. Our team of experts is committed to offering the best moving service possible while making sure that your valuable belongings arrive at their new destination without any damage or breakage. You can hire us by calling 1800 318 026 and can trust us that your relocation will become easy and stress-free.