Things That Can Easily Spoil Your Moving Day Plan

List of 15 Things You Should Not Put In The Truck While Relocating

Moving is a common thing these days. Moving from one place to another place can make you happy and excited. There are numerous reasons for moving like job, study and any other family reasons. Whether you are shifting to a new city or to a different area, you must start making plans in advance to avoid hurdles. Every place has its own aura, and its energies influence our lives. But sometimes unavoidably, an unexpected problem complicates your day during the move. It can be frustrating, especially on such an enormous day of the relocation.

Keep reading for the things that can easily spoil your moving day plan and their solutions. 

Factors That Can Make Your Final Moving Day Plan Worse  

Not Having A Proper Budget

Before starting the moving process, the first thing that you need to do is to prepare your budget list. Most homeowners ignore this step and regret it later. While making a budget list it is important to consider all necessary expenses, if you will ignore the budget-making process you may end up with no cash at the end of the move. The budget for hiring a moving company and buying packing material should be highly considered. Don’t stick with your budget, it will depend on the situation. After preparing a budget inventory keep a small amount aside for emergency purposes. 


  • Moving expenses can be a bit higher than your estimate so you should better be prepared for this thing in advance. It would be great to have your budget flexible. 

Booking Wrong Packers And Movers

In the whole moving process, packers and movers play an important role to make relocation operations successful. It is important to hire the right moving company to get a smooth and stress-free move. Most homeowners make the mistake of hiring a cheap and wrong moving company thinking they’re worth hiring but regret it later. Seeking a helping hand during the moving process is a genuine thing.  But getting help from a non-experienced moving company can put you in trouble and end up with a big loss. If you hire a moving company without proper investigation they might ask you for additional charges, you can have your items broken and damaged and will not get reimbursement for it. First, you need to get all the information about the company that you are going to hire. 

Solution: Tips to Hire an Experienced Moving Company

  • Ask for references

Ask your friends and local relatives for a moving company reference, they might suggest you something better for your move. 

  • Get numerous estimations

Don’t depend on individual companies, make sure to get estimates from two or more companies. Compare all the estimates and provided services then choose one of them.

  • Consider insurance 

Some moving companies don’t provide insurance services, which is one of the most negative points you should avoid such a company hiring. If you will go for a company that does not offer insurance for your goods you will feel sorrow after the move due to broken items 

  • Check-out reviews and ratings

The most important step before hiring a professional mover is to cross-check their reviews and ratings on the internet. Be aware, not all positive reviews are original, make sure to get a physical visit to the company you are thinking of hiring. 

No proper organization

If you leave the packing process at the last moment, you will definitely end up regretting your irresponsibility and getting to know the importance of organizing the packing process. Not only hiring a professional moving company is enough, you should pre-plan your packing. Not having time for packing on the day of moving and throwing essential items into the box, and not winding up and labeling boxes in a proper way can be the result of breakage, damage, loss, and miss management.


  • Declutter essentials before starting the packing process. Divide your essentials into three categories: discard, donate and keep. Discard all those items that are no longer in use and not working for so long.  Donate those items that you are not using for so long even if they are usable. They can be clothes, kitchen appliances, crockery, or any other house items. Keep all those things that you are currently using as you will use them for the long term.
  • Make sure to be available on a moving day so that you could assist the team with fragile and non-fragile items. 


Injuries are common while lifting, loading, and unloading furniture and boxes during the move in Australia. We know that moving is not an easy task but you need to be extra careful about your health. A small injury can ruin your moving day plans. Your kids can get injured by sharp items, heavy moving boxes, and bulky items. Start early if you want to have a smooth move. Hassles can be the reason for injury. 


By hiring packers and movers, you can avoid these serious situations and delays. If you want to make your move smooth and secure you should better hire an experienced moving company. Because they bring their gadgets and moving tools in order to lift and load heavy boxes and furniture. This will help you to save yourself and your kids from injury. 

  • Wear comfortable clothes, instead of wearing tight jeans. You should wear Pyjamas, loose t-shirts, and non-slippery shoes.
  • Avoid your kids staying at home on moving days. You can leave them at your trustworthy relatives’ house.
  • Don’t lift heavy boxes and furniture alone on your back. Alternatively, you can use moving tools. 
  • Avoid the last-minute rush, and make sure to pack equipment at least one month before that you don’t use on regular basis. Ensure to start with fewer used items. 

Traffic issues

The most irritating and hateful moment of the moving day is traffic. Traffic in the way of your destination can ruin all your plans. You should be better prepared for this situation. Having professional and experienced movers and packers can help you to judge the situation and plan things accordingly. Problems like parking jams, lack of parking space, and transporting heavy vehicles during the peak season. Professional movers will make sure to find the parking space for you in advance. 


  • You should move on weekends and holidays, on weekends almost all traffic decreases as compared to weekdays.
  • It will be better to start the moving process early in the morning before the sun rises to avoid traffic. 

Perks Of Hiring Packers And Movers Services

Most moving companies provide extra services like packing and unpacking your items, junk removals, and cleaning services. Packing services can save you the time and money that you are going to spend on the items by doing it on your own. We all know that no move can be completely hustle-free, but considering some small points and working cleverly can reduce your move-related stress. Keep the above-mentioned problems and solutions in your mind while packing and moving so you would complete your move stress-free. You can contact Harry the Movers for reliable moving services. Call now for free moving quotation.