How Much Does It Cost To Move The Piano Without Damage?

move Piano Without Damage

If you have ever relocated, then you are quite aware of the fact that how much difficult your moving could be. It might be really difficult to figure out how to move all of your valuable belongings to your new location safely, especially when there is a piano also to move. In order to avoid damaging the piano and injuring anyone while transporting it, moving a piano requires expert knowledge and tools. The piano is a magnificent instrument which is highly sensitive and delicate, making them quite susceptible to harm, but they are also enormously huge and hefty, making it exceedingly challenging to move them. Due to the complexity of moving a piano, it is best left to the experts who are experienced piano moving companies that have specialized tools and techniques to do the work safely and effectively.

You might be wondering “How much does it cost to move the piano without damage” if you need one moved? In this article, we will discuss this question and a lot more. So, keep reading to find out how much it will cost to move a piano, whether it’s across the state or simply down the block.

Factors that Influence Piano Moving Cost

Move The grand Piano

When you decide to move into a new house, there are some hidden expenses that could raise the cost of moving. A lot of people who own a piano spend between $240 and $598 to move a piano, but the final cost might vary due to a few significant factors that are mentioned below:

Piano’s Size And Weight: The standard rate for local piano movers is somewhere between $10 and $20 per hour per person, or a flat rate of between $120 and $2,200. The piano’s size and weight determine its vast range in price. Since it will take more workers to transport a larger, heavier piano, the cost of relocating a piano tends to increase. More space is needed in a moving truck for larger, heavier pianos, which are also more difficult to transport and demand more fuel to move. Mentioned below is a table showing piano types and their average cost according to different sizes:

Piano Type Piano Size Avg. Cost of a Local Move
Console, Spinet, or a studio piano Up to 47 inches tall $140
Upright piano 48 or more inches tall $155
Grand piano Approx. 6 to 9 feet long Pedestal or Square $180 - $450
$200 - $400

Piano’s Type: The type of piano that you have will determine how much a moving estimate is provided by skilled piano moving companies. Piano comes in various types such as studio, spinet, upright, baby grand, grand, and concert grand. Typically, the bigger and heavier a piano would be (like a grand piano), the more people and tools will be needed to relocate. Information about the type of piano will give the idea to the moving company how many moving blankets, padding, and what kind of moving equipment is required to transfer the instrument securely to its new place. These things will influence the cost of moving.

Distance Travelled: The overall cost of moving will increase in direct proportion to how far the piano needs to be carried. Local piano moving companies often ask for a minimum time commitment and an hourly rate. This minimum amount of time takes into account the time needed to prepare a piano for transport and place it inside the moving truck. Long-distance movers can charge between $3 to $12 per mile, while local piano movers typically charge between $2 to $3.50 per mile. For long-distance shipping, some piano moving companies may impose a flat rate, which is more affordable for the piano owner. The type of piano being moved and the overall distance will eventually determine the cost.

Accessibility: If your piano is placed in a particular spot of the house where it’s difficult to access or needs to be moved up or down the stairs, or moved around numerous spots, then the moving cost will rise. In case the piano needs to be moved from an apartment that does not have a lift or elevator, the cost of moving will increase by several hundred dollars. So, it’s better to discuss the estimated cost of moving from your piano moving company so that you can make the budget accordingly.

Labour Cost In The Area: Professional piano moving companies’ cost per hour often includes the price of labour and equipment used in the total moving fee. You can ask your moving company about any additional charges related to the cost of labour cost and it tends to be significantly more in highly populated urban areas where there is a higher cost of living than in more rural areas of the nation.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano by Yourself?

Move a Piano by Yourself

If you are planning to pack and move your piano from your current location to your new location, then you need to have a few helping hands. You can ask your family members or friends to help you with the move. One of the most important things is to arrange the right tools and packing supplies to make your move safe and easy. The first two tools in your toolbox should be a dolly and a hump strap because they are the most important. You will also be needing other certain tools too for moving your piano and avoiding any kind of damage, depending on which type of piano you own. Mentioned below is the table showing some tools, packing supplies, and their respective costs:

Tools Cost
Dolly $130 - $210
Hump Strap $30
Locking Belt $30
Skid Board $120
Hoist and Crane $700 - $2100
Packing Supplies
Packing Tape $3.50 - Per Roll
Protecting Pads and Blankets $25 - $40

How Much Does Hiring Professional Piano Movers Cost? 

The total cost of moving a piano from one place to another can range from $135 and $4,800, depending on a vast range of factors, but the total average cost range for hiring a professional piano moving company is around $450. All of those factors will be taken into consideration by a piano moving company when determining their price, which might be calculated in two terms – an hourly or flat-rate basis.

If you expect your piano move to be uncomplicated and time-effective, an hourly rate can be useful. As long as your moving company is professional and efficient, you might be able to negotiate with them for a better price. You must do your research about the market of moving companies and their typical price rates according to your area. It is common for piano moving companies to establish a minimum labour requirement of three hours, which is roughly how long it would take a pro to complete an uncomplicated moving.

Also, most piano moving companies will offer flat rates which will help you in planning your moving budget in advance. Any company is free to set its respective prices based on some fundamental elements such as the type of piano, the time taken for moving, and the difficulty of the move that calls for additional materials or tools. The majority of Melbourne-based piano moving companies may charge an average price of around $450, plus other additional fees based on the specifics of the transfer.

How Is The Price Of Shipping A Piano Determined?

Shipping A Piano Determined

Shipping prices are influenced by the piano’s dimensions, type, and weight in addition to the distance travelled for moving. For example:- shipping and moving a grand piano which is heavy in weight needs certain equipment and many professionals to move it from one location to another. But, shipping and moving an upright piano which is light in weight can easily be lifted and moved from one place to another without any requirement of specific equipment.

Moreover, you can expect to pay more for moving your piano to another country than to move it to the same location. While long-distance movers may charge between $3 and $12 per mile, local piano movers typically charge between $2 and $3.50 per mile. In spite of this, some moving companies provide a flat rate of shipping for long-distance transfers which could be budget-friendly depending on how far your new location is situated.

Moving Costs For Different Pianos

Different Pianos

The cost of relocating different varieties of pianos might vary since each type of piano requires specific handling methods and moving tools. It will cost more money to move a piano that is larger and heavier. Additionally, the moving cost will completely depend on the type of move – local or long-distance. Mentioned below is the table showing different types of pianos and their average moving costs:

Type Of Piano Avg. Cost Of Local Move Avg. Cost Of Long-Distance Move
Studio Piano $120 - $280 $480 - $850
Spinet Piano $90 -$350 $480 - $850
Upright Piano $90 - $320 $480 - $850
Grand Piano $300 - $500 $1200 - $2400
Baby Grand Piano $220 - $350 $1200 - $2400
Concert Grand Piano $500 and Up $1500 and Up
  1. Studio Piano: Many houses, classrooms, churches, and musical institutions have studio pianos. They have a larger soundboard as compared to spinet pianos and are typically between 44 and 47 inches tall in size. It is often preferred over the soundboard of smaller pianos because it produces a fuller timbre.
  2. Spinet Piano: With typical weights of between 120 to 200 kg, spinet pianos are the lightest variety of the upright piano. Compared to other piano styles, a spinet piano has 36 to 40 inches tall keys.
  3. Upright Piano: Due to the upright piano’s vertical stringing, it requires less floor space as compared to a grand piano, whose strings are horizontally strung. Making it the highest of the vertical pianos, an upright piano stands over 47 inches tall and can weigh between 200 to 500 kg. Despite the fact that an upright piano is smaller and lighter than a grand piano, expert piano movers are aware of the proper techniques to transport an upright piano to assure its safety.
  4. Grand Piano: The length of a grand piano ranges from 4 feet 5 inches to 6 feet 1 inches. All types of grand pianos must be disassembled and crated with proper techniques and equipment used by professional piano moving companies for safe transit. They can weigh anywhere from 300 to 600 kg.
  5. Baby Grand Piano: A baby grand piano is under 6 feet long and weighs over 350 kg. It occupies a lot more room than an upright piano because it is a type of grand piano, which has its strings strung horizontally.
  6. Concert Grand Piano: A concert grand piano might weigh up to 600 kg and measure anywhere from 6 feet 2 inches and over 9 feet in length. The cast-iron frame of a piano supports the instrument’s hardwood body and internal mechanisms, which accounts for the piano’s heavyweight. 

Additional Charges

Additional Charges
  • Dismantling and Crating: In order to move a grand piano, it must first be disassembled and then moved. Around $90 To $120 is spent on the instrument’s disassembly, and around $680 to $850 is spent on its crating. Due to the lack of assembly or box requirements, upright pianos are less expensive. Using a skid board or dolly, movers transport an upright piano after wrapping it securely.
  • Rush Jobs: A last-minute piano move typically demands an additional cost. To get the greatest rate and ensure that all the necessary items are available on the day of the move, you should probably prepare far enough in advance. For an emergency or last-minute move, moving companies would typically charge twice the original amount.
  • Complex Moves: It takes a lot of work and the ability to move a piano without breaking it. Moving costs are increased by impediments like stairs which might cost $4 to $8 for each step, or $35 to $90 per staircase. Other barriers such as crooked doors, hard-to-access places, and odd entryways, can lead to additional fees for some piano moving companies.
  • Moving Insurance: You can also think about setting aside some money for separate moving insurance, depending on the insurance offered by the moving company which you have hired. Many moving companies provide insurance for pianos that are valued at up to $5,000. A piano that costs more than that would probably require more insurance in case of possible damage during the relocation.

Tips For Reducing Piano Moving Costs

Reducing Piano Moving Costs

Many piano owners are eager to save money when it comes to moving their valuable pianos from one place to another. Mentioned below are some tips for lowering your relocation costs:

  • Hire a professional piano moving company that has expertise in this field. They have the experience and techniques to move your piano safely without any damage from one place to another. They can typically offer insurance coverage for any damages that may occur. To reduce the moving charges of your piano, make sure to book movers in advance.
  • Make sure to do your complete research for multiple moving companies and compare their charges before deciding whom to hire for moving your piano safely.
  • You can also choose a DIY approach. While it seems to be difficult, if you have the correct equipment and adequate people to help you, it can actually be a very easy task. Prior to moving the piano, be careful to plan it up correctly and use safe lifting techniques, to prevent any kind of injuries.
  • In case you are moving your piano by yourself, then you must be sure that you have rented or bought the appropriate tools such as straps, dollies, and protective blankets for your piano to move safely from one place to another.


Despite the fact that no one can stop you from relocating your piano by yourself, it is extremely dangerous to both your safety and the safety of your piano. There is a valid reason why experts in this sector exist. Hiring a trustworthy and reasonably priced piano moving company is a must to make sure your piano reaches safely from your current location in your new location.

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