Tips For Moving A Piano Easily And Quickly

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One of the most challenging chores for any homeowner is moving a piano. Whether it’s because of size or a lack of the necessary tools, it might be challenging to know where to begin. Fortunately, there are several simple methods to move a piano securely and safely provided you have the correct equipment. Continue reading for quick and simple suggestions on how to transport your precious instrument painlessly.

Preparation Before Moving A Piano

One of the most popular instruments in homes and families throughout the world is the piano. Although moving them could seem like a difficult chore, with the correct planning and knowledge, it can be a simple and quick operation. The following are some pointers for moving a piano:

  1. You must first obtain some supplies. To help you with the heavy lifting, you’ll need a furniture dolly, moving straps or slings, and at least two individuals.
  2. Clear a route from the piano’s current location to the entrance or exit before you begin moving it. Take out any furniture or carpets that can obstruct the path.
  3. Have one person hold either end of the piano while another person moves the dolly beneath in order to hoist the piano onto the dolly. Use straps or rope to hold it in place after it is on the dolly.
  4. You are now prepared to begin moving! While another pushes from behind, one person should be in charge of driving the dolly. Be particularly cautious when descending a stairway; keep the piano balanced and use your body weight to regulate its fall.
  5. Simply reverse the process when you get to your location and move the piano off the dolly and into position. You’ve relocated your piano without hurting your back or the instrument.

Disassemble The Piano

You must first disassemble a piano if you plan to move it yourself. Actually, this procedure is rather straightforward and only needs a few things.

Remove the piano’s lid first. Some screws might need to be loosened with a screwdriver, but take care not to scratch the finish. Remove the music desk next. This is often just secured with a few screws or clips, so removing it should be simple.

The keyboard has to be separated from the rest of the piano at this point. Usually, it is connected by two wires that are simple to remove with a screwdriver. Finally, loosen the pedals from the piano foundation to remove them.

You should now be able to raise the piano’s main body and bring it outside on your own after removing all of these components. This may be fairly hefty, so make sure you have assistance.

To Start, Use Grappling Hooks

Grappling hooks can be used to move a piano on your own if you don’t have any support. A sturdy rope and two or three grappling hooks were all that were required. The majority of hardware stores carry them.

Start by wrapping the rope around the piano’s center. After that, fix the position of the grappling hook by fastening them to the rope. To sustain the piano’s weight, ensure the hooks are distributed equally.

The piano should be placed close to the edge of a landing or another sturdy surface. The piano should then be lowered gradually while being guided by the rope. Remove the grappling hooks and release the rope once the piano is in position.

Obtain A Dolly

There are several methods you might use if you need to relocate a piano. A dolly, a mobile platform that aids in transporting large goods, is available for rental. A hand truck or a furniture dolly are other options.

Make sure the dolly you choose to rent is big enough to fit your piano if you do decide to do so. Before using it, be sure you thoroughly read the directions. Always raise using your legs, not your back, while using a dolly.

You might require more aid if you need to carry the piano up or down stairs. Before attempting to perform anything on your own, make sure you ask someone for assistance.

Get A Moving Cart For A Piano

One of the first things you’ll need to do if you’re transporting a piano is to get a piano moving cart. These specialized trolleys are made to hold a piano in place as you transfer it from one area to another safely and securely.

There are many different sizes and designs of piano moving carts, so it’s crucial to pick the one that best suits your requirements. Make sure the cart you choose is big enough to hold your item, such as a grand piano if you have one. When selecting a cart, you should also think about the kind of terrain you’ll be traveling. Consider purchasing a cart with strong wheels that can handle the stairs if you want to move your piano up or down stairs, for example.

Once you’ve found the ideal piano moving cart for your requirements, all you need to do is put your piano on top of the cart and secure it there with the straps or other fasteners that the cart comes with. When you’re ready to place the piano down, just roll the cart to the proper location and remove the piano from it. Moving a piano may be quick and simple with a little bit of forethought and preparation!

Designate One Person to Push the Piano

It’s crucial to assign one person to push the piano while transferring oneself. This individual has to be balanced well and powerful enough to push the piano. To ensure that everyone is operating the piano in synchronization, this person must also be able to communicate with the others.

Employ Movers

When hiring movers, bear the following in mind:

Obtain Many Quotations: Obtain many quotations so you may compare prices. Make sure to obtain at least three estimates from various businesses.

Request Recommendations: Request references from previous clients of the business.

Verify Insurance and Licensing: Make sure the moving firm has a license and insurance if something goes wrong.

Obtain Written Estimate: To avoid unpleasant surprises later, get all the moving-related information in writing.

Another choice is to work with a reputable piano moving business. These businesses specialize in transporting pianos, and they will have the tools needed to carry your piano securely.

Whichever approach you decide on, be careful to take security measures to guard your piano against harm when moving.

Ask Friends and Neighbors for Assistance

A piano may be moved most easily with the aid of friends or neighbors. You may easily load the piano into the back of a big enough car and drive it to your new house. If not, you’ll have to hire a truck or van just for relocating the piano. Considering that piano movers often bill by the hour, having extra personnel on hand will expedite the process and save your costs. To keep the piano balanced, make sure to have everyone chip in and lift in various directions. Also, take care not to knock it against walls or doorways!


Moving big things may be a challenging and time-consuming chore, but it doesn’t have to be with the correct tools and methods. You may assist guarantee that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible by adhering to these suggestions for rapidly and securely moving big things. There are several methods to simplify the procedure, from utilizing furniture sliders to asking friends or family for assistance. Therefore, if you have a major move ahead of you, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be daunting – simply utilize the right tools and tactics for a successful relocation and take the essential safety precautions!

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