How Much Do Furniture Movers Cost?

Furniture Movers

Moving to a new location is definitely thrilling, but transporting heavy furniture may quickly convert that joy into stress. Furniture moving is a challenging task due to the huge size of the pieces, the risk of damage, and the physical demands of the job. Moving heavy items without adequate caution may result in physical injury. Here is where hiring expert furniture movers comes in handy.

Handling not only the weight but also the awkward shapes of furniture adds an extra level of difficulty to the moving process. Some furniture may require disassembly, adding another layer of complexity. However, professional movers come well-equipped with the necessary experience and tools to turn the seemingly daunting task into a seamless, damage-free, and stress-free experience. In this blog, we will look into the critical question of how much furniture movers cost, exploring the various factors that influence the overall cost of furniture moving.

How Furniture Removalist Handles Your Furniture Move

Furniture removal companies are experts who can help you move your furniture in a stress-free and efficient manner. They are skilled in every stage of the furniture relocation process. Removal experts are skilled at managing fragile things and ensuring perfect organisation, with your belongings’ safety as their top priority.

 During the critical phases of loading and unloading, their expertise shines through as they efficiently utilise space on the moving truck and place items thoughtfully at your destination. These professionals are also equipped for the disassembly and reassembly of furniture, ensuring the safe transport of items that may pose challenges.

To ensure that your goods are safe during transit, removal companies employ protective measures such as wrapping furniture in blankets, using furniture pads to prevent scratches, and securing items with straps. This careful approach minimises the risk of damage throughout the move. Removal teams are armed with specialised tools and equipment such as blankets, furniture pads, and straps, which enhance the safety and efficiency of the move.

How Much Do Furniture Movers Cost?

Furniture Movers Cost?

Before settling on a furniture removal company, it’s crucial to have a general understanding of the service prices. Various factors come into play, influencing the cost of furniture moves, such as the distance, the type and quantity of furniture, and additional services. There are key factors that affect the overall cost, including the size and weight of the furniture, the distance of the move, the type of furniture, and the time and day of the move.

To provide a starting point, we’ve compiled average costs for different types of furniture moves in the table below. However, it’s essential to remember that these figures are estimates, and the actual cost can vary based on several factors, as detailed in this blog. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to check with the specific moving company you plan to hire to obtain an accurate cost estimate tailored to your unique requirements. This promotes clarity and allows you to make smarter choices about your furniture moving budget.

Type of Furniture Estimated Cost Range
Sofa $30 - $110
Desk $20 - $130
Furniture Removal $80 - $190
Piano Removal $85 - $195
Bed Removal $55 - $145
Fragile Item Removal $65 - $210
Heavy Lifting $55 - $135
Pool Table Removal $85 - $195

Factors That Influence the Cost of Moving Furniture

Furniture moving costs may go up or down based on a number of factors and conditions. You must consider each of these factors while making a budget list in order to determine the exact cost of moving furniture.

1. Size and Weight Considerations of Furniture


When it comes to moving furniture, the financial aspect is significantly influenced by the size and weight of the items being transported. The general rule is that larger and heavier furniture tends to incur higher moving expenses. Moving companies employ a crucial metric to calculate costs: the total weight of all your belongings. Two primary methods are used in this calculation process: origin weighing and destination weighing.

Origin weighing involves the moving team weighing the truck both before and after loading your furniture and other items. This method determines the net weight by subtracting the initial weight from the final weight after loading. On the other hand, destination weighing includes weighing the truck once it reaches your new home, after unloading your belongings, and then weighing the empty truck. This method calculates the total weight by considering the weight difference before and after unloading.

When you receive a cost estimate from a moving company, it is vital to inquire about the weighing method they use. Additionally, understanding the cost per pound is crucial for clarity on how the final moving cost is computed. This transparency not only ensures that you are well informed about the factors contributing to the overall cost but also helps in making informed decisions regarding your furniture moving expenses.

2. The Distance of the Move

The distance between where you are now and where you’re moving to really affects how much it costs to move your furniture. If you’re just moving within the same building or a short distance, the cost is usually lower compared to moving to a completely different place. How to close your old and new places is a big deal because it impacts how well the moving team can do their job.

When your old and new places are near each other, it makes the moving truck get there faster, which usually means lower costs. Less time on the road makes the moving process more efficient and cheaper. It’s also important to think about the traffic, especially during busy times. If the roads are jammed during peak hours, it could take longer to move, and that might raise the costs. To keep your furniture moving cost-effectively, it’s a good idea to plan it for times when traffic is lighter, avoiding the busiest hours if you can.

3. The Type of Furniture You are Moving

The cost of moving furniture depends largely on the type of furniture being moved. Certain items, like antiques or pianos, present unique challenges that can make the moving process more complicated and therefore more expensive. Antique furniture, with its often delicate and irreplaceable nature, requires special care and handling to avoid damage during the move.

Likewise, pianos present a unique set of difficulties for movers due to their weight and complex internal parts. Piano shipping is a specialised task that may demand more resources and knowledge, which can lead to increased moving costs due to the delicate structure and requirement for accurate handling.

4. Size of the Moving Crew

Moving Crew

The number of movers you hire affects how much it costs to move your furniture. Moving companies usually charge by the hour, so having more movers can make the total cost go up. If you think more movers will make things faster, it’s important to know that it might also mean a higher hourly rate. While having extra hands can help pack and load things quicker, you need to think about whether the faster speed is worth the extra cost.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of things to move or your move is not too complicated, you might not need a big crew. So it will be a smart choice to strike a balance between how many movers you need and what you can afford. Talk to the moving company about your needs to figure out the best crew size that works well for your budget and ensures a smooth moving experience.

5. Added Service Cost in Furniture Moving

When you’re getting ready to move your furniture, the choices you make about extra services can impact how much it will all cost. Deciding on add-on services, such as having movers disassemble and reassemble your furniture or handling specialty items, can affect your moving expenses. If you choose to use supplies provided by the movers, like stretch wrap, felt pads, and mattress bags, these conveniences may come with additional costs.

For instance, when the moving team spends time and effort disassembling and reassembling your furniture, it plays a role in changing the overall cost. Special items, especially delicate or valuable ones, might need extra attention, influencing the moving cost. Also, if you opt to use supplies provided by the movers, these materials can contribute to the total expenses. It’s crucial to think about these extra services and their impact on the cost of moving your furniture as you plan your move.

6. Time Factor for Furniture Moving Cost

The timing of your furniture move plays a crucial role in determining the overall cost and is influenced by several key factors. Firstly, seasonal variations impact expenses, with moving furniture during the summer generally more budget-friendly than in the winter. Summer often experiences higher demand for moving services, leading to increased costs, while winter, with lower demand, may offer more economical options.

Moreover, choosing to move furniture on a weekday proves to be a cost-effective decision compared to the typically pricier weekends. Weekdays generally experience lower demand for moving services, allowing for more competitive pricing. Additionally, scheduling your move during the day is usually more budget-friendly than opting for nighttime moves. Daytime moves are known for their efficiency and better visibility, reducing the time and potential complications, thus contributing to lower overall costs. By strategically planning your furniture move, and considering these timing factors, you can optimise costs and make your relocation more budget-friendly.

7. Access to the Property

Access to the Property

How easy it is for movers to get to your home can affect how much you pay for moving. If your home has things like lots of stairs or tricky obstacles that slow down the movers, you might end up with extra fees. The movers check how simple it is to reach your place when figuring out the cost. If there are challenges like narrow hallways or not much parking for the moving truck, the movers might need more time and effort. This extra work may lead to added fees to make sure everything goes smoothly.

To avoid surprise costs, it’s good to talk to the moving company about any potential issues with getting to your home. By being clear about the challenges, the movers can plan better and give you a more accurate estimate of the moving cost. This way, you know what to expect, and it helps keep the moving process simple and cost-effective.


Getting estimates from several movers is an important step in determining the best fit for your needs and budget when considering the cost of moving goods. To ensure you make the right choice, get quotations from three or more furniture removalist businesses. It is not advisable to depend solely on Internet pricing quotes; instead, choose movers who examine your furniture in person or via video before giving you an accurate quote.

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