How Much Does Piano Move Cost?

Piano Move Cost

There is no denying that moving is stressful for everyone, whether it’s your first time doing this arduous work or you move to a different destination every season. It is possible to move all the household stuff on your own with willing helpers without professional movers; however, to shift a piano to a different location, you have to break your back.

Though piano moving DIY tips can help you boost your confidence, the chances of injuries and damage to your favourite musical equipment will remain higher. As an art lover or while being obsessed with your piano, you never want to take the risk (we know it), and it is never recommended without professional assistance.

That’s why you are here searching for how much piano removal costs, and we are here to answer all the burning questions around this topic. Keep reading this exclusive blog revolving around this topic by your go-to piano removal company in Melbourne.

Do You Really Need a Piano Removal Company?

YES, you should definitely hire professional piano removalists to move your beautiful, heavy, and expensive musical equipment. It is difficult to move such a big item safely without professional training. Executing the piano moving process without sound knowledge can lead to severe damage or may also cause injuries to you or your willing helpers. On the other hand, if you hire a professional piano removal company in Melbourne, it will have a team of experienced movers with proper training that will handle your equipment with care.

The professionals will ensure the safe movement of expensive musical instruments. However, if you are more concerned about the money or service pricing of a piano removal company, you can give a shot to a general moving company that will cost you less compared to a dedicated piano removalist in Melbourne. Though the workers of a general moving company have enough experience to move antique, rare, and expensive items, you should not take the risk if you have enough funds in your pocket.

Professional piano removal companies have the right skills, experience, and training to dismantle a piano perfectly and carefully. So, the choice is yours, whether you are brave enough to take the risk or you love your piano and want to ensure a safe move for it!

How Much Does Piano Removal Cost in Melbourne?

Now you are familiar with the perks of hiring a piano removal company and you must be convinced to hire a piano removalist, but there is something you need to know, piano removal costs in Melbourne. So, here is a breakdown of how much a professional piano removal company can charge you for their services:

Piano Removal Cost for 45-70 km
Type of Piano Price Weight
Organ $150-$200 130 to 375kg
Upright Piano $180-$220 130 to 375kg
Baby Grand Piano $500-$800 Around 220kg
Grand Piano $300-$400 Around 650kg

The cost of moving between suburbs is quite low compared to interstate moving. Here is what you can expect for your interstate piano moving:

Piano Removal Cost for 600-900 km
Type of Piano Price Weight
Organ $300-$500 130 to 375kg
Upright Piano $600-$700 130 to 375kg
Baby Grand Piano $1100-$1500 Around 220kg
Grand Piano $800-$1000 Around 650kg

The above information will give you an idea of how much money you should have in your hand if you want to move your expensive musical instrument. Since this is just general information, you may have to contact a piano removal company to get the flat rates.

Major Factors Affecting Piano Removal Cost

Major Factors Affecting Piano Removal Cost

There are a lot of factors that could affect the cost of piano moving in Melbourne, including the distance, the type of piano you plan to move, and much more. So, let’s look at the factors that might affect the cost of moving your piano, and you can estimate how much money you need to get your piano to its destination.


Location, as well as the distance, plays a vital role in determining the piano removal cost in Australia. The location where you live and where you plan to move are the factors that affect the cost of moving a piano the most. For instance, if you live in a rural area, you will pay less compared to those who live in an urban area, when a simple move is what you need.

Secondly, the cost will depend on the location you are willing to move to. For example, if you have bought a new house in the same city, a few miles from your current location, the move will cost you less. On the other hand, if you need interstate piano removal services, it will cost you more, obviously. And for an interstate move, you may have to pay between $300 to 1,000.

Piano Type

The type of piano you have will also affect the cost of piano moving services in Melbourne. For instance, if you have an upright piano, expect a quote under $200 (local move), while a grand piano move will cost you between $300-$500. It is due to the effort and resources required to move each piano. The time and work professionals need to disassemble an upright piano are far less compared to a baby grand or grand piano.

In addition, grand pianos are much heavier than upright pianos, so if you have a grand piano and are planning a relocation, be ready to pay a good amount to the piano removalists. However, with a little legwork and research, you can choose a piano removal company offering top-notch services at pocket-friendly prices, like Harry the Mover.

Hourly vs. Fixed Price

Some piano removal companies provide their customers with flat rates that obviously help them budget up front for their move, while others work on an hourly basis that requires a lot of guesswork. The hourly as well as the fixed costs will be quoted with numerous factors in mind, including the distance, type of piano, complexity of moving, and a lot more.

In most cases, a flat rate proves to be beneficial for the customer; however, hourly rates can still benefit you if the removalists you’ve chosen are efficient and quick in their work. To get a better deal, whether you are looking for piano removalists on an hourly basis or at a fixed price, you have to do your homework. Get quotes from as many piano removal companies as possible, compare, and make an informed decision later.

Other Factors that Affect Piano Removal Cost

Other Factors

In addition to the distance, type of piano, and rate of services, there are many other factors that affect the cost of piano moving. Let’s also discuss those factors so that you can budget for your move more accurately.

The Complexity of the Move

The complexity of the move refers to the obstacles that the removalists have to face while shifting your piano from one destination to another. For instance, if professional removalists have to walk along staircases or navigate around structural obstacles such as difficult angles or narrow turns, they will increase the piano removal cost.

Be ready to pay a hefty amount of money in case a crane is required to get your piano down from the floor, which is the worst-case scenario and happens in rare circumstances. You can expect to pay $40-$100 extra if you live in an area with narrow streets or in a building with no elevator. 

The piano removal cost will be decided depending on the effect of those tricky manoeuvres on resources, effort, and time spent.

Last-minute Booking

If you have just bought your dream home in another city at an ideal location with the amenities you were seeking, you might want to step into your new home ASAP with your piano. To relocate your piano faster, you need a piano removal company that is available to take last-minute bookings.

Removalists entertaining last-minute bookings always charge more or even double than in general, so to complete rush jobs, they may have to cancel other jobs or hire new resources for the same. The best way to deal with it is to properly plan your piano move and book a piano removal company in Melbourne in advance.

Insurance Cost

Even with maximum safety and the expertise of professional removalists, there are chances of damage to items being moved. To ensure that you don’t have to see a burden on your finances, you must consider additional insurance for your expensive musical instrument, which is a piano in this case.

Though most of the piano removal companies in Melbourne have insurance, that is not adequate or appropriate for such expensive items. Some of the best removalists prefer insuring items worth $5,000 or above, as it provides additional coverage in case of potential damage to the products during the move.

If you opt for moving insurance, it is obvious that the piano removal cost will increase, and to know the exact amount that you need to pay with insurance coverage, you may get in touch with a piano removal company in Melbourne.

Final Verdict

Though there is no one who can stop you from doing things that you love, relocating a piano, which is fragile and expensive, is not recommended. Even with willing helpers, it is not possible to prevent the potential damage and injuries. Hiring a piano removal company is worth every penny if you consider the potential risk during the move if you DIY.

If you are convinced enough to employ removalists in Melbourne and relocate your piano with professional assistance, this blog will help you familiarise yourself with piano removal costs as well as the factors that affect the cost of your piano move. There are many piano removal companies that you can consider hiring for your piano move; however, in case you are still undecided and looking for a reliable removalist in Melbourne, you can reach out to Harry the Mover today!