List of 15 Things You Should Not Put In The Truck While Relocating

List of 15 Things You Should Not Put In The Truck While Relocating

Questions overload our minds when we decide to relocate and shift to a new place. These questions are related to N number of things, including safety, what to do while moving, how to pack, how to choose the best removalists in Melbourne, and more. But the important question which hardly people help you address is, what are the things you should NOT put in the truck while shifting the home?

Well, if that is your concern too, here is the list of 15 things that you must not load in your truck. Taking notes of these things and not adding them to the cargo will help you prepare your truck in the best way possible to ensure there are no accidents or damaged items.

Here is the list of things that movers will not carry or may not want to carry –

  1. Keys – 


Whether you have the keys to your old house, new place, office, lockers, vault, vehicles, or other things, you must not put them in the truck. Since they are small, there are higher chances of them getting misplaced. Besides, if you keep these in the truck, anyone can misuse the access and use it in any way.

  1. Office Stuff & Laptop – 

Office Stuff & Laptop

All the office stuff, including but not limited to files, important documents, laptops, monitors, hard disks, and confidential papers, must not be kept in the moving truck at any cost. Since they are all related to work, and carry critical information, this stuff must not be kept unattended. If anything happens to them, it can cost you a hefty price – because any information can be lost or misused against you. Thus, keep them under your surveillance and away from unknowns.

  1. Bank Statements, Credit/Debit Cards, Check Books – 

Bank Statements, Credit/Debit Cards, Check Books

We know we do not need to preach it out loud, but you need to know that even by mistake, you should not keep any document related to the bank in the truck. All the bank documents, old and new, must be collected and kept in a folder in your bag. If you keep them in the truck, you might regret it later.

  1. Mobiles, Gadgets, or Tablets – 

Mobiles, Gadgets

Whether your devices are working or not, you must not keep them in the moving truck. Not putting them in the truck seems safe and less anxiety-prone, as you will not lose your data to the wrong hands or otherwise.

  1. Batteries with Acid – 

Batteries with Acid

It is strictly prohibited to carry the battery with acid in the truck. The leaks or cracks in the battery will not only damage the battery, but the hydrogen gas it releases can be potentially explosive. Thus, you must drain the acid out of the battery and pack it adequately before loading it into the truck.

  1. Pets – 


The cargo area of the truck is not a suitable place to carry your pets, even if they are in a suitable carrier crate. Things can fall on them, the place can get cold or hot, and the pet can get strapped in or troubled. 

  1. Cash and Jewelry – 

Cash and Jewelry

You know why you must not put the cash and jewelry in the moving truck – that is in the hands of the unknown. You can not trust anybody with cash and jewelry and that is for obvious reasons. You can keep the empty boxes in the truck, but that will give hints to the staff about the jewelry you are carrying which can be a risk too. Thus, make sure to move the jewelry, cash, and jewelry boxes with you.

  1. Photos – 


Family pictures, albums, and photographs are not going to harm other items in the truck; they are at risk themselves in the hands of others. However, since they are your personal belongings, it is always the best bet to keep your family pictures away from unknown hands.

  1. Living Plants – 

If possible, carry your living potted plants in your vehicle as anything in the cargo can fall on them and cause irreversible damage, or their leaves or branches may twist or break. 

  1. Cleaning Supplies – 

Generally, removalists do not allow you to pack and move your cleaning supplies, as they can spill and damage the rest of the household goods. Yet, do not think of leaving them behind, as you will need them in the place you are about to reach. Thus carry them in your vehicle safely.

  1. Medicines & Safety Kits – 

Medicines & Safety Kits

If you use the medicines rarely and not regularly, it is a good idea to pack them and put them in the truck. However, if you use them regularly and might need them in an emergency, you should carry them with you in your personal belongings, which are handy.

  1. Any exclusive collection – 

You would not want to lose any exclusive collection you own, especially at the hands of strangers. Thus, if you have any exclusive collection, including coins, watches, currencies, shoes, jewelry, paintings, or more, let them travel with you to stay safe. Any of them getting misplaced, broken, or lost can make you feel vulnerable. To spare your sleep and anxiety do not depend on the transporter to carry it for you.

  1. Anything that Can Catch Fire – 

While the list of things we carry in the truck is huge, there is a list of things that might harm other items in the truck and catch fire. There are so many things in the house that are flammable, can catch fire and pose a threat when carried in a truck. The list of things includes fireworks, gasoline, motor oil, paint, nail polish, nail polish remover, kerosene, lamp oils, matches, lighters, propane tanks, perfumes, acid, car batteries, and much more. No matter how big or small a thing is, it can cause a reaction and massive damage.

  1. Guns & Ammunition –  

Guns & Ammunition

The guns and ammunition must not be added to the moving truck as it comes under the “volatile” category. If it can get hot and combust, no movers can take it, as it will be hard for them to take it from a legal and safety standpoint.

  1. Bills, RCs, School Records, Passport, Certificates, Or Any Other Documents – 


Even every minor document carries some critical details about you which must not be shared with unknowns. Thus, any paper or document, including certificates, bills, passports, car insurance papers, RCs, birth certificates, medical records, or more, minor or major, must stay on your lookout. Seeing them in the hands of others and them getting misused might put you in a severe problem.

Final Words

When you are planning to move, apart from creating a list of things you must add and pack in your truck, take notes of things you should not pack to get them relocated by the transporter for any reason. Everything mentioned above suggests you must personally get things loaded while relocating the house. It will help you keep all your stuff safe and keep the shifting away from problems or accidents.