How to Take Advantage of Temporary Storage While Moving House

Temporary Storage While Moving House

If you are planning to move from one place to another, local or interstate, then you may face various scheduling complications. Many house owners take plenty of time before their move for renovating their new houses, setting up the perfect layout, or finding new areas to settle in. So, to keep their valuable belongings safe, they will require a proper place for storage until the perfect time comes for their move into a new house. This is the time when the requirement of temporary storage while relocating becomes essential. Without any doubt, temporary storage while moving is one of the best solutions for movers. In this blog, you will discover that there are numerous ways that temporary or short-term storage can help you in saving your time, money, and difficulty. In order to understand more about the main advantages of using temporary storage when relocating, we advise you to keep reading.

Moving companies usually provide temporary storage to their clients who need a space to store their belongings from their current house but are not yet ready to move into their new location as the place is not yet ready to shift. Instead of increasing the charges of a self-storage unit, you can consider storing your valuable belongings at your moving company’s storage which will be a budget-friendly option too.

So, hiring a removal company that has a storage option is the best option to make your moving process easier. By using the same company, the responsibility and control of moving remain in one place. This keeps things functioning smoothly and keeps your expenses to a minimum. For instance, you can coordinate your move dates and storage rental with your mover to prevent paying for any extra storage time that you won’t need.

How To Choose The Best Temporary Storage Options For You?

Best Temporary Storage

While searching for the best temporary or short-term storage option according to your requirements, keep the following factors in your mind:

  • Space You Needed – Whether you need a short-term or long-term storage solution, this is one of the most important factors to consider. In order to avoid renting a space that is either too tiny or too large, storage facilities provide a variety of unit sizes. Before making a reservation for storage, you should have a good estimate of how much space you will be needed. You should think about the size, shape, and organization of any boxes and other goods you intend to keep in the storage unit, as well as how you want to store them. For example:- organize all your belongings according to their respective size and shape in one spot so that you can reach them as needed. You can discuss your needs with the storage providers so that they can guide you in choosing the ideal size unit.
  • Storage Location and Access – It’s always the best option to choose storage providers that are local and easy for you to access according to your requirements. If the temporary storage facility is located close to your new house, then you will have a lot more time to settle in at your own speed and gradually transfer your stored belongings into your new place. Storage facilities close to your location might be more cost-effective.
  • Flexible Availability – Not everyone knows how much time they needed a temporary storage place. In case you are storing your valuable belongings inside the storage unit just because you have sold your house but you can’t take all your belongings to the new place, then you should consider choosing temporary storage which is available on a month-to-month booking. This type of storage is known as mini storage where you need to pay storage charges on a monthly basis and the contract will end the day you move your belongings out of the storage. Here, you can load and unload your goods as per your desire.
  • Budget Friendly – You need to do the research and compare the prices of renting a temporary storage place among a few options and find out if they are providing any kind of offers or discounts to their clients. Similar to most other things you rent, the shorter the period of time you want to rent a storage space, the higher the monthly cost you can expect. Since their pricing will already have been calculated with short-term agreements in mind, it might be best to rent from a storage company that specializes in temporary storage in order to keep your costs down.
  • Storage Facilities – Make sure that the storage place you choose to store your valuable belongings is both temperature as well as humidity controlled from the inside so that your belongings don’t break or turn bad. You can store your electronics, paintings, glass items, or any other kind of fragile goods in such storage units where they will be safe. This is also particularly important if you intend to keep items in storage during periods of extremely hot or cold weather. You should be aware that your belongings will be safe before leaving because even a brief amount of time in severe temperatures, moisture, or humidity can harm some of your items.
  • Storage Protection – In case you are storing your belongings in storage, you want the company to do anything possible to keep them safe and undamaged. Choose a temporary storage company that has facilities such as security cameras, guards, proper gates, and doors to protect your valuable belongings. Storage with less facility is usually cheap in price, but might not be worth it in terms of protection. If you want to store goods that are high in value or fragile, then you need to consider their safety before choosing a storage place.

Advantages Of Temporary Storage While Moving House

Decluttering Before Moving
Some advantages of temporary storage while moving your house are mentioned below:

  • Decluttering Before Moving: Many house owners don’t even get to know how many items they own until the time comes to pack them in boxes. They typically don’t want to move all of their belongings to a new house in order to avoid a cluttered environment. Even if the new house is not too spacious to fit all the items just like the previous house, then in this situation, the best solution to this problem is to have a temporary storage option. By decluttering the items which are no longer needed in the new house, people can reduce the moving costs charged by the removal companies. So, to make your moving process easy, you need to book a temporary storage place. Keep in mind that some removal companies may charge as per the duration of packing. By storing your unnecessary belongings in a temporary storage unit, you can make your packing process easier. It is the best way of decluttering your house.
  • Selling Your House Becomes Easy: If you are planning to sell your house as fast as possible before moving to your new place, then you need to book a temporary storage place so that you can store all of your belongings there. According to the survey, a staged house often sells for more money than a non-staged house. You will be asked to make extra space in your house by removing personal belongings, organizing rooms, and keeping decor and furniture as simple as possible in order to stage it. Sometimes, your real estate agent might additionally request you to leave the house so that they can completely stage it. So, the majority of your stress can be decreased by using temporary storage services in such situations.
  • Unexpected Situation on Moving Day: Unexpected situations can occur on your moving day in spite of the fact that you have been preparing for this day for the past couple of months. For example, if there is bad weather on the day of your move, it can cause many difficulties. Heavy snowfall can block the roads and make it impossible for your removals to transfer your belongings from your current house to your new house. Moreover, hailstorms and torrential rain on a moving day will delay as the roads become slippery and dangerous for transporting which can damage your fragile and valuable belongings. People are left with no choice but to keep their belongings in a secure area while they wait for the weather to get normal again. In this case, you can store your personal belongings safely inside a temporary storage unit, provided by your moving company or booked by yourself. When the problems are fixed, you can transfer all the items from the storage to the truck and proceed to your new location.
  • Renovating Your New Home: Many people plan to renovate or redecorate their new house before moving to make the place more functional and comfortable to live in. For example, some people choose to demolish certain walls, paint the house, change the flooring, put in new kitchen cabinets, and install new windows and doors. During this renovation process, it is better that the house is empty to prevent any kind of damage. So, storing all your belongings in a temporary storage place is necessary until the renovation is completely finished. Paying money for temporary storage is way better than damaging your items during renovation.
  • Slow Unpacking: Many people choose to take as much time as possible while unpacking and planning for their new house layout. And this can’t be possible with a house that is fully stacked with boxes and wrapped pieces of furniture. It’s much easier to plan properly when the place is not cluttered with all kinds of items. Even cleaning and vacuuming your new house becomes easier when the place is empty. So, if you need time for creating a layout of your new house and properly cleaning it, then the best option for you is to store your belongings inside temporary storage.
  • Moving Interstate or Abroad: People moving interstate or abroad for a short period of time face various difficulties, one of which is moving their belongings safely to the new location. They will carry all of their necessary items with them but the items which are not required in the new place can be stored safely inside a temporary storage unit. If you are moving to a new location for a couple of months, you can store all your belongings like heavy items and furniture in temporary storage for their safety until you come back to collect them.


Moving your house can be a stressful and tiring job. Therefore, we strongly advise you to hire a professional company that handles both moving and storage so that you don’t get trapped in between and take on additional stress. Hiring a company that offers both moving and storage services is not only practical, but it can also save your money and time. You can hire Harry The Mover company to get the best and most affordable moving services. Also, we have a team of professionals who have high-quality skills to pack and move your valuable belongings safely from your current location to your new location. Get in touch with us to know more about our relocation services.