How To Survive Moving House At Christmas?

How To Survive Moving House At Christmas

Christmas is an exciting season of the whole year, but it can prove to be challenging and daunting if you have to deal with the relocation of your house. Postponing your move to the new year may seem a convenient but stressful choice. It is possible to move and pack your house successfully during Christmas eve but with proper plan and adherence to that plan. From packing your house to booking professional movers, loading and unloading, and ensuring a stress-free and smooth move, Harry The Mover has some useful tricks for you to move and pack the house that will simplify your work and help you to relocate your house without any difficulty during the Christmas eve. Let’s get through it.

Confirm Your Moving Date At The Earliest

Christmas is the most occupied time and season of the year, and it is always wise to keep everything sorted, especially when it comes to moving. Therefore, you must plan and confirm your moving date at least 4-6 weeks prior to the move.

Confirm Your Moving Date At The Earliest

This will not only allow you to plan and organize your move but also help you to book professional and reliable movers and packers as they are highly occupied during the month of December. This is the first and the most significant in the process of a stress-free move.

Book Your Moving Company Early

It is obvious that during Christmas eve most of the companies will be lacking staff. Therefore it is very important to properly conversate with them at least 5-6 weeks before you finally move. Miscommunication and unplanned moves can lead you to end up moving on your own on Christmas day. It is better to plan your move well in advance and hire professional movers like Harry The Mover, who will not let you down during the season and assist you in packing your valuables using quality packing materials and moving all your essential belongings properly and without any damage.

Plan Ahead Of Time For Administrative Tasks

This is the main factor that makes your move disturbing. In the midst of all the planning and execution, we always forget to accomplish all the administrative tasks. You will find a crazy crowd in the utilities offices and service center during the Christmas season. We recommend you redirect all your mails, cancel or change all your subscriptions to your new address, book and confirm the electricity and gas supply, make significant amendments and address changes in the bank and other essential places. All these tasks must be done before the month of December to avoid the last-minute chaos and mismanagement in your move. 

Enlist the Assistance Of Some Holiday Helpers

Make sure to inform your friends and family about your move and update them with your new address so that you receive all your Christmas presents and goodies at your new residence. This will allow your friends or family to postpone Christmas gatherings if you cannot attend them at that very point in time. It may also inspire them to assist you. You can ask your buddies directly for help while relocating, especially when you are performing house removals with pets and kids. You can finish your move with professionals while your mates can help you in babysitting. 

Decide On Where You Want To Spend Christmas

Relocating during Christmas means that your house will be a mess of unassembled essentials and unpacked cartons. It will be a wise decision to celebrate your eve somewhere else to avoid more chaos and stress.

Decide On Where You Want To Spend Christmas

Organize your Christmas party somewhere outside where you have no stress to cook or make arrangements on your own. Also, you can get a moment of relaxation amid the exhaustion and enjoy your festival.

Complete Your Christmas Shopping Online

Amid the packing of your old house to assembling the new one, it is very difficult to manage your Christmas shopping along with all this. It’s a good idea to start your Christmas shopping sooner than normal to minimize added stress and to guarantee you don’t forget any items. Make a list well ahead of time and complete all of your gift shopping as soon as feasible. You could even package and distribute them before you start packing if you have the time. We recommend you complete all your shopping online. You can get all the gifts on your Christmas list and all the foodstuffs delivered to your doorstep.

Make An Alternative Plan For Harsh Weather 

For many people, Christmas is a joyous occasion; yet, it can be risky for relocating individuals. Check the weather forecasts and make as much preparation as possible before moving. Discuss your strategies for probable weather-related concerns with your chosen removal firm. Obtain grit or salt, as well as snow shovels, if possible, to assist the removal vehicle in reaching your property. Because winter brings with it a lot more darkness, it’s a good idea to have a few torches on hand to ensure a safe voyage. Keep a pile of extremely warm apparel on hand, and move children, pets, or even plants with caution. Professional removals companies plan for moving in all types of weather. Moving during the holidays is no exception. In icy or wet circumstances, highly skilled removal staff lift and move bulky and challenging goods. During the winter, the days are also shorter. To avoid working late at night, plan and execute as much of the move as possible during daylight hours.

Inform Your Operators and Pay Off Your Bills

We recommend you ensure that all your meter readings are done before you leave your old residence so that you can clear all your past dues. You should inform all your utility providers at least 15-20 days before the move and update them with your new address. Pay off all your outstanding bills and register all other contacts and appointments with your doctors, dentists, vets, etc. It is significant to notify all your utility providers and clear all your dues to avoid the situation of being without lights and water on Christmas.

Check Working Condition Of Your Car A Night Before

Take the time the night before your relocation date to look over your car to make sure you’re entirely prepared. Make sure you have enough gas in your automobile to drive to your new residence.

Check Working Condition Of Your Car A Night Before

Because vehicles are more susceptible to breakdowns in cold weather, this is especially important when traveling over the holidays. To assure a more smooth start, you should restock on de-icer. Check out the website whether there are any last-minute delays if you’re utilizing public transportation. Check the time you’re due to leave and that any tickets you’ve purchased in advance are still valid.

Celebrate Your Christmas Eve & Relocate Safely!

The above tips and tricks will help you move during Christmas eve without any stress and hassle and give you an idea of how to manage your move and pack during those cold days of winter. Moving during Christmas may involve a lot of work and chaos, but getting in touch with professional movers and planning everything well in advance can turn this stressful event into a joyous journey. Once you reach your new house, settle down and decorate, eat and rejoice in Christmas eve.

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