Benefits Of Choosing Man And A Van For Your Local Move

Benefits Of Choosing A Man And A Van For Your Local Move

The very first thing you need to decide while planning to relocate from one place to another is to decide whether you will move your goods by yourself or hire a professional moving company. The complete process of relocating your belongings includes packing, organizing, loading, shipping, unloading, and, in the end, unpacking. This is not only exhausting but also a time-consuming process. In case you are wondering about the best option for your local move in a budget-friendly and efficient way without affecting your regular activities, then consider hiring a man and a van service. Many moving companies provide a wide range of removal services; one of them is a man and van service, which is the best option if you are moving locally. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of choosing a man and a van service for your local move and tips for hiring a man and a van service provider. 

What Is A Man And A Van Service?

As the name suggests, with this service, you will get just a man and a van for moving. This kind of small-scale removal service is perfect for small relocations. For example:- When you are moving locally from a 1BHK flat or small house to another property, you can choose to hire a man and van service provider. This service is an affordable option as compared to professional removal companies.

The main differences between a man and a van and regular removal services are mentioned in the table below:

A Man And A Van Services Regular Removal Services
1 or 2 movers along with the driver Up to 6 movers, according to the number of goods
Ideal for small moves like 1bhk houses, studio apartments, etc. Ideal for big moves like 3bhk houses, offices, schools, etc.
Clients may need to load their goods inside the van Clients don't need to load their goods inside the moving truck
Perfect for the client who has a low budget Perfect for the client who has a considerable budget
Suitable for the local move only In this case, distance doesn’t matter
Moving is done on the same day Moving time varies depending on the distance
Moving vans are usually medium-sized. The truck's size will depend on the total volume of goods that need to be moved.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Man And A Van Are Mentioned Below:

The Benefits Of Choosing A Man And A Van Are Mentioned Below

1. Perfect For Small-Scale Moves

The service of a man and a van is mainly designed to fulfill the requirements of people who want to move a small number of goods from one place to another locally. In case you want to move a single piece of furniture, equipment, a 1bhk house, or a studio apartment within the same town and don’t want to spend too much money and time on a removal company, the best and most convenient way for you is to hire a man and van movers for the shipping.

2. Keep Your Belongings Safe

The safety of your belongings is one of the most essential aspects of moving to a new place. You want each and every item (whether it is your equipment, furniture, electronics, or fragile goods) to be delivered safely and securely to your new property without any damage. Many professional movers have the proper skills and knowledge regarding handling fragile and delicate goods at every stage of the relocation process. Fragile items have to be covered and packed properly inside a box for their safety, while furniture and equipment are covered with packing supplies like bubble wrap and moving blankets to prevent any kind of damage while in transit. A man and van mover that you will hire to relocate your belongings will not only have suitable tools and techniques but also several helping hands to make your moving process safe and secure. 

Perfect For Small-Scale Moves

3. An Affordable Substitute

One of the main benefits of hiring a man and van service is that they are an affordable substitute for small moves. There are many ways for you to relocate from one place to another, such as hiring removal companies, moving your goods by yourself, or taking the help of your family and friends. But usually, the most affordable option is hiring a man and a van service. In case you need to move a small number of items or are planning to move a studio apartment locally, then hiring a man and van movers is the most cost-effective solution for your moving needs instead of paying a high price to the removal company. It is an ideal choice for people who have a tight budget for moving. In a man and van service, you will have to pack your goods by yourself and load them inside the moving van. The movers will only transport the items from one place to another by choosing the easiest and shortest route possible. All of these terms make this service an affordable substitute for removal services. 

4. Offer Flexibility

Another great thing about hiring a man and van service for moving locally is that they offer flexibility in their working schedule that can be personalized according to your specific requirements. For example, If you want a specific day or place to schedule your pick-up according to your convenience, then they will allow you to decide which time, date, and place you need them to come to pick up your belongings to move. Moreover, they will be available for your relocation as they can be booked on short notice too, so you don’t have to get worried about any kind of changes or delays in the schedule of your relocation process. 

Offer Flexibility

5. Convenient Moving

Hiring a man and a van service for the local move is a perfect choice if your location has narrow streets and congested spaces. A van is basically a smaller vehicle as compared to a moving truck, so it is convenient for them to access these tight areas, which makes the moving process hassle-free. This will not only save you time but also make it suitable for loading and unloading your goods. 

6. Time-Saving Solution

If you are planning to move your belongings locally by yourself just to save money, then imagine the amount of time you will be spending. By hiring a moving service like a man and a van, you will not only save some money but also a lot of time. For example, if you attempt to organize and pack all the moving boxes and try to load them inside your car, then firstly, all the goods will not be adjusted inside the car at the same time, and secondly, you will have to make multiple trips to move your goods. Also, your goods might get damaged while moving. So, to avoid these hassles, the ideal solution is to hire a man and van service to relocate your goods. They will organize your goods safely inside the van with their experience and knowledge, making your move stress-free.

Time-Saving Solution

7. Have Local Knowledge

Local moving service providers are well aware of all the routes, road closures, traffic jams, road conditions, and many other things that can cause problems during your relocation. Similarly, a man and a van service are usually for a local move, and they have complete knowledge of the surroundings, especially the routes, which makes their service highly useful for your local move. For example, if any events or celebrations are going on and the roads are closed during the time of your move, they will know about it and will guide you to the best alternative to avoid these things. As the driver of a man and a van mover has been driving across certain routes or areas for the past many years, they could inform you about any kind of traffic jams, road closures, or construction in a particular area that can directly affect your moving time. 

8. Extra Services At Extra Costs

Man and van movers do provide a wide range of services by taking on extra costs other than transporting your goods from one place to another. They can help you sort the items, pack them up properly in the boxes, and load them inside the van safely and securely. After reaching the destination, they can unload your goods and move them inside the house. Also, they may help you unpack and organize them in certain places, as guided by you. By taking extra charges, they will not only provide you with their extra services but also bring the required equipment and packing supplies according to your moving necessities. One of the best things about choosing the right man and van mover is that you can hire them to move a single piece of furniture too.

Extra Services At Extra Costs

Tips For Hiring A Man And A Van:

  • Search For The Best Company – The moment you got to know about your local moving, the first thing you had to do was search for the best man and van movers. You may also ask for recommendations from your family, friends, and neighbours. Create a list of local service providers and contact them to get the necessary details. 
  • Read Reviews – Reading customer reviews online is one of the best options to find out about the moving company’s reputation and quality of work. Moreover, you will get to know about their services and ways of handling the goods. Reviews can also help in determining what kind of items they move and whether the clients are satisfied with the services they get. 
  • Compare Quotes – You will come across various man and van service providers, and it’s essential for you to choose the best one. For this, you can compare their moving costs, services, and other benefits and hire the company that suits your moving requirements. By comparing different quotes, you will not only get the best deal but also excellent service. 
  • Book In Advance – Booking your man and van mover in advance for your local move will help you save money and make them available to pick up your belongings to move according to the time and place that you have chosen. 

Give Proper Details Of Your Goods – You should inform your moving company beforehand regarding the types of goods that have to be moved so that they can plan your move accordingly and bring all the required equipment on the day of moving. If you have fragile and delicate items, then pack them inside the box for extra safety to prevent any damage while in transit.


Above mentioned are just a few that you will get by hiring a man and a van service for a local move. If you are searching for a budget-friendly and efficient way to make small moves locally in Melbourne, then consider hiring a man and van service from Harry The Mover. We will not only provide you with our services at an affordable price but, most importantly, keep your belongings safe while in transit and allow flexibility in moving schedules. We have a team of well-trained professionals who will make your moving process hassle-free with their skills and knowledge. So, if you have plans to move, be sure to contact us today at 1800 318 026 to get a free, no-obligation quote. With our relocation services, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.