All-in-One Guide to Packing Your Kitchen

When it comes to packing for a move the most drastic and time-consuming task is packing all the equipment safely and securely. Breakable things like kitchen appliances, dishes, and antiques require more care than other essentials. If you rush through while packing and moving all this equipment the risk of finding broken dishes and shattered fancy glasses when you will open the boxes at your new place. We believe that being late is better than harm. In this blog, you will get all the safety tips for packing all the fragile items undamaged. 

Eradicate Before Packing

In your kitchen, there are a lot of useful things like food supplies, pots, pans, gadgets, tools, and more to pack carefully. Wrapping up all the things in one room is neither practical nor possible. This is the most important reason for decluttering the packing and moving load of the kitchen for yourself or for the professional removalists that you hired for moving. 

  • The most important task is to discard expired edibles and drinks carefully.
  • Collect and donate kitchen appliances and gadgets that you are not using anymore. 
  • Decline by dumping duplicates of kitchenware. 

Create An Inventory

In order to avoid inconvenience while packing your kitchen essentials, you should better create an inventory to avoid confusion. In this inventory, you need to mention details about the item like location in the kitchen, measurement/weight, etc. In order to avoid inconvenience, we would suggest you sort all the essentials separately that you use occasionally and then the most used essentials at last by using the inventory.

Buy The Right And Quality Packing Supplies

Avoid getting too many enormous boxes. Instead of them, you can pack all your stuff into the original boxes of your appliances and gadgets. Avoid packing your equipment without wrapping or covering them. Try to pack appliances and gadgets in their original boxes. 

  • Plastic bags with L, XL, XXL, and XXL sizes 
  • Bubble wraps & form wraps 
  • Plastic wraps 
  • Packing tape rolls, scissors, labelling chits with different colours, 
  • Newspapers & packing peanuts for glassware protection 

Before selecting boxes for packing checkout their structural integrity and use the ones in a good state to pack things so that they can deliver properly at their destination. 

Clean Essentials Before Wrapping & Boxing

Dust, grime, food bits, or moisture on your kitchen items can reduce their scalability, cause mould and affect structural durability. Therefore, before packing your kitchen essentials into the boxes, follow the steps given below.

  • Clean up appliances and kitchen tools with a cotton cloth and ensure they are dirtless. 
  • Wash and sanitise kettles, coffee makers, pots, and pans properly and dry them with a cotton cloth. 
  • Before packing makes sure to check out the rubber lids and seals of the containers and appliances, to are they clean and dry properly.

Sharp objects

make sure to keep sharp items and objects away from your kids to avoid harm and injury. You should also be aware and stay careful to pack all your sharp objects carefully with packing paper and then wrap them with a kitchen towel. Keep them in a box and label the box so that you don’t need to be harassed after reaching your new home when you need a fork and knife. 

Use The Correct Packing Techniques

There are some useful techniques that you should follow while moving your home that can help you to save your essentials. If you are planning to pack your kitchen and other equipment yourself you should better know about all the tricks written below.

  • While packing your appliances, make sure to remove parts and secure them with plastic bags or put them into a bag. So that it would be easy to find the appliance parts while assembling or wiring.
  • Wrap all the glassware, dinnerware, and other items made with fragile material and bone china, etc, newspaper or paper wraps properly after that wrap them with bubble wrap and fresh wrap in order to save them from breakage. 
  • Put large and bulky items first at the bottom of the box after that stack them with smaller items. 
  • Before putting fragile items into the box, fill up the boxes with newspaper and pack peanuts. 
  • Label each and every box carefully so that the professional removalists would know about the contents inside and handle them accordingly. For example, label glassware as fragile to prevent damage and rough handling. 

Seek Professional Assistance

Packing a kitchen seems terrifying since there is so much to wrap and box. The responsibility of handling everything and shifting everything safe and secure turns your piece into sleepless nights. If you feel it is hard and impossible to manage time and energy for shifting leave it for the professionals. 

You can hire professional House Removalists in Melbourne for satisfactory and stress-free moving services. Due to their years of experience and expertise, they will be able to pack and transit all your equipment safely and securely with less time consumption. 


Wrapping up the kitchen with the purpose of moving is a challenging task. Therefore, many people hire professional Furniture Removalists in Melbourne for secure moving services. If you are one of them, looking for an experienced moving service. Harry the Mover is one of the best moving service providers. 

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