Successful Office Relocation With Moving Experts!

Successful Office Relocation With Moving Experts!

Growth is always thrilling and inspiring, but there is always a price you have to pay for it. The relocation of an office is a moment of pride for both employees and employers as it announces a business venture’s expansion, growth, and development. Still, at the same time, it is a challenging task for the people involved in it. Relocation of office isn’t just about packing of office belongings and moving to a new workplace; it involves numerous other formalities and responsibilities that you have to fulfill. Harry The Mover has been moving hundreds of offices for several years and is well-experienced about stress caused due to it and handling it. This blog will discuss some tips and responsibilities that you must fulfill to make a stress-free and smooth office move without any loss to your business.

Early Office Relocation Planning

Early Office Relocation Planning

Office Relocation needs a forethought and future planning. Early planning always leads to good execution. Make a rough plan and analyze all the factors related to commercial relocation. Plan the moving date, the entire schedule, professional movers and packers, and create a budget. Everything planned well in advance will assist you in making a smooth move. You have to make a proper schedule and stick to it to avoid any business loss and smoothly run everything in the new workplace.

Analyze Your Requirements

Before making a final decision of moving and making all the arrangements to execute, it is very important to assess your requirements, preferences, and budgets. The clear analysis will reduce unnecessary efforts, delays, and fares. Assess whether your office really needs to be relocated, how much more space do you need, further business objectives, timelines for moving, or the budget you have planned to move and pack. Create a timeframe and a strategy once the decision to relocate has been made. Set a deadline for the move and begin planning ahead of time. Communicate the timeframes with your moving team and employees once confirmed.

Hiring Professional Movers & Packers

Hiring Professional Movers & Packers

Most of the businesses keep on making plans with a view to booking the pros at the last moment. This is the major mistake that could make your move challenging. Movers and packers have complete knowledge, experience, and expertise in relocating your office from one place to another. A professional relocation crew can easily handle everything from planning to packing, loading, unloading, and moving your office tools and equipment without any business loss. Harry The Mover can make your office relocation easy and smooth by analyzing your business needs and a professional and suitable strategy to execute that.

Creating Practical Deadlines/Timelines

Once everything is finalized and the moving date has been decided, it is important to formulate realistic deadlines and make an office moving checklist. Ensure your leadership team, operations management group, human resources, supervisor, project manager, interior design advisors, and commercial real estate department are included in the planning stages. Make sure to involve time for decluttering and cleaning in your plan, as well as enough time to get your technology set up at the new office. To accommodate any technical challenges that may slow the process, include a buffer. Before you move, check with your state’s laws to see how much notice you must provide your employees. Regardless of legal restrictions, you should notify your employees as soon as feasible about the move, especially for long-distance relocations. These realistic timeframes will help you to complete your office move on time.

Downsizing & Upgrading The Workplace

Downsizing & Upgrading The Workplace

Multiple files, papers, and documents would have been gathered throughout years of business and office life. Remove outdated files, shred obsolete paperwork, get rid of old furniture, and resell or donate any equipment that is no longer needed. However, because donated products can be written-off with the recommendations of accountants. Instead, deeply scan each and every corner and cupboard of your office and dispose of all the outdated and unnecessary files and technology. Carrying extra stuff and heavy machines to your new office will incur additional costs in your budget. Instead, try investing in smart technology that would not only reduce your moving costs but also twofold your productivity.

Allocate An Incharge & Project Manager

It is highly recommended to allocate an in charge over the move and a project manager to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the move. A leader always takes care of all the things ensuring that the move is accomplished successfully and the productivity is also not affected. The project manager will take care of the business deadlines and employees’ issues while in charge will make sure that all the aspects pertaining to the move are formulated in the right manner. This will reduce unnecessary delays, costs, and efforts.     

Inform Your Employees In Advance

It is very important to communicate all the significant information related to moving to the employees. Update your office staff about the moving date, schedules, process, address of the new office, important or changed phone or fax numbers, new premises rules and regulations, and parking arrangements there. Change in the workplace and atmosphere is quite uncertain for employees, and informing them each and everything will ease them to settle at the new office. One more benefit of communicating with the employees about the move prior is that they can complete their projects and tasks before deadlines, and it may not affect the business’s productivity.      

Back-up The Important Data

During the relocation procedure, you never know what might happen to your data and storage. Official records could be lost due to faulty servers or hard discs. As a result, it’s critical to back up your data and secure it from loss and hacking when moving and packing. Protect the sensitive and important data you may need in the future, as the stress of moving offices may lead to the loss of necessary data, which will be a big threat to your business.

Amend The Address & Transfer Services

Inform your consumers, suppliers, and business partners about your new office address. To ensure uninterrupted operations after relocation, it is important to update your address everywhere, including the official website, business cards, email footer, Google business pages, and social media sites. Also transfer all the services including internet connection, phone and fax services, rent, utilities, post office, FedEx, UPS, etc. This is important to perform your business without any chaos and mismanagement at the new office premises.

Packing With Professionals

After all the significant tasks related to moving and packing your business have been done, now it’s time to pack your office equipment. Professionals like us will pack all your office tools and equipment with the utmost care, the right technique and using quality packing materials. Professional packing will safeguard all your office tools and equipment and assist in relocating them safely without any damage.

Office Moving & Packing Done Perfectly

Moving isn’t nearly as stressful as it appears. You will be able to easily move and pack into your new workplace if you follow these office relocation recommendations – from organizing to the procedure to interacting with clients, vendors, and staff to storing up your data. Get in touch with Harry The Mover to make a successful and smooth office move and perform uninterrupted operations once you shift to new premises.

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