Right Way To Pack Plates And Glasses For Moving

The list of fragile items does not get completed without plates and glasses. They demand proper care and attention while moving. A single mistake will result in the break or crack of these fragile items. Moving is a time-consuming process, and if you don’t know the right way to pack all the objects, then it will become a stressful task for you.

This blog will provide you with some of the simple steps that will help you pack and move your fragile items while moving to your new property.

Collect Packing Materials

It is most obvious that you need to have some good quality sturdy packing boxes for packing objects. Use the best quality packing materials to pack your fragile materials. You should collect all sizes of boxes so that you can pack all objects without any damage or stains. The packing boxes have to hold the fragile items, so they should be damage-free and durable.

Collect Packing Materials

The packing boxes would contain dishes, fragile items, so you need to be careful while selecting the packing boxes. Along with packing boxes, you will require packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, fragile tape, labels for packing the objects.

Glasses And Plates Should Be Clean

Before packing your glasses and plates, you should ensure that they are cleaned properly. For example, suppose that you need to store it in the storage, then mold will get deposited on plates, which is not a good thing. Thus you should clean plates and glasses before packing them. If you notice any dirt or grime particles on plates, you should clean them with soap and water and let them dry completely before packing.

Arrange Packing Boxes

You should completely cover the bottom of boxes with bubble wrap and other protective materials to provide proper protection to the fragile products.

Packing And Placement Of Boxes

You need to wrap your fragile plates in the packing paper properly. By placing the plate in the middle of the packing paper, wrap it properly. By using packing tape, you can secure it. Try the same procedure for all glasses and plates. After packing them securely, you should place them in a cardboard box.

Packing And Placement Of Boxes

Placement should not be done in the stacking form. It is better to place it side by side until the box gets full. Ensure that there is no gap in the box. It will prevent the movement of plates, and they remain aligned. By this step, plates do not encounter any damage.

Label The Boxes

Label The Boxes

When your box gets full, then you have to seal it properly by using packing tape. Label the box as ‘Fragile’ so that others can also handle it with proper care. Depending upon the room, you can label the boxes. This helps you in knowing which product belongs to which room, and you will find ease while unpacking your objects.


Moving fragile items requires proper care and attention. You need to be attentive while moving fragile items from one destination to another. Right packing of such objects helps in moving them safely.

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