Removalist Call-Out Fees Explained

Removalist Call-Out Fees Explained

These days, people are constantly moving from one place to another all around the globe. As people often move their houses or relocate, they have the requirement of a removalist who may help them in these situations. If you are wondering which removalists’ services are the best for you and want to find out their different fee structures, this guide is a perfect stop for you. This is completely normal for you to know different options on how you want your moving to be done and what services are perfect according to your preference.

However, having a preference is always a good thing but it’s also a good thing to get familiar with the different kinds of fees available for removalists so that you can decide and choose according to your budget and requirements. One of the most common concerns regarding hiring removalists is how much fees they will charge and getting to know about any extra services related to your entire removal process. One such charge is known as the call-out fee. In this blog, we will provide you with information regarding what service charge entails to make you understand easily what exactly a call-out fee is.

What Is A Call Out Fee?

What Is A Call Out Fee?

Before discussing any other kinds of removalists’ fees that are available, let’s start with a moment to fully focus on call out fees which you will come across a lot in this particular blog. A call out fee is basically a set of costs that are charged by the removalists for attending your house or business, usually at short notice of time or during non-working hours. This fee is mainly over normal labour and service costs and it is considered to be an extra in the case of short notice or out-of-hours jobs.

A call out fee generally covers the cost of the time that is taken for your removalists to reach your house or office and provide you with their services, or to inspect and solve some issues regarding your removal. You can also consider it as you are paying for an extra service in which you will get benefits from their time and expertise. Not every removalist charges a call-out fee and some of them reduce the cost as a special offer. Before choosing any kind of removalist, keep in mind that both sides completely agreed on a call-out fee and what services are included. This is the best way by which you can avoid any misunderstandings or may highlight any companies that are not transparent.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Fees?

What Are The Different Kinds Of Fees

A call out fee is not the only way by which the removalists or other services can charge you for your removal of the house or business. To guide you in making you understand the different fees, we have mentioned below the main ones that you will come across.

  • Flat Rate Removals: Sometimes, things are really straightforward. Many removalists often provide flat rate estimations for simpler and more specified operations such as moving a three-bedroom house. This type of fee structure is usually used where a full day may be required for larger removals.
  • Per-Minute Rates: Most of the removalists charge their fee on an hourly basis instead of charging on a minute basis. For example: If moving your goods takes 2 hours and 50 minutes, then the removalists will more likely charge you for 3 hours instead. Most of the removalist companies will charge for their services according to full one-hour blocks. However, you may inquire with your removalists regarding how specific they are prepared to be and whether you can pay for the time you actually use up rather than a rounded amount.
  • Hourly Rates: One of the most typical types of removalist costs is an hourly rate. Most of the removalist companies work on an hourly basis rate as it’s very easy to manage and estimate the total cost of removal. To ensure that the jobs are profitable, many of them also have preferred minimum booking times. Always inquire about the minimum hourly charge from your removalists. Some moving companies maintain their highest standards and charge you from door to door or depot to depot. This indicates that you will be charged from the beginning, the time from which their truck departs from your current location and completes the job at your new location.

Why Is The Call Out Fee Variable?

Why Is The Call Out Fee Variable

It’s very important to understand that a call out fee may vary from one removalist to another. Most of the removalists charge a call out fee to cover their travelling expenses or basic operating costs. The removalist that you hire may also ask you to pay this fee when they come for their pre-moving inquiry or make round trips during your moving process. The type of your move will also have a significant impact since a professional removalist would charge more for difficult moves, long-distance moves, or any additional labour. Your removalist may charge more if they have to transport your goods first to a temporary storage facility and subsequently to your final location.

The fees could be more in case your goods are very heavy, your moving location is not too far, or your new location is hard to reach by the removalists. Moreover, this charge is raised during peak moving days when there is very less availability of removalists due to their high demand. Your overall budget can be shaken if you don’t consider this cost while preparing the estimation list of total costs. For those who are moving or getting to know about the call out fee for the first time, it might be difficult for them to understand this fee with other moving charges.

Call Out Fees On The Basis Of Moving Services

Call Out Fees On The Basis Of Moving Services

Some of the common types of moving services you should be aware of including their call-out fees are mentioned below:

  • Household Removals – This is the most common type of removal that is usually charged near about $70 for the call out fees. Many house owners hire removalists to get help for moving and relocating their items and home furniture from one place to another. This service mainly comes in basic removal packages and can be negotiable depending on your move. The removalists will guide you about the overall estimated cost of your moving process, help you in packing your belongings properly, and will also transport them carefully to your new location without damaging your valuable items.
  • Commercial Removals – This type of removal usually opts for business purposes such as shifting the office from one location to another. In this, the removalist will assess your move and then offer you an estimated cost depending upon how many days it will take them to complete your job and many various factors including the size and quantity of your office goods that have to be relocated. These types of removals are typically more expensive than household removals. The range of the commercial removals is expected to start from $110, as it may affect the move-out such as the requirement of specific equipment or vehicles due to your large goods sizes.
  • Local Removals – This type of removal is referred to moving from one place to another within the same city or state. In this case, the call out fee is generally above $120 that depends upon how far your new location is from the current location. The removalists will provide you with an estimated cost of your relocation, pack and move your belongings safely by offering you high-quality services.
  • Interstate Removals – For interstate removals, the removalists’ call out fee usually starts from $220. In case you relocate out of the town or across the state boundaries, you may expect to pay more for your move because of higher fuel costs, longer travel duration, more professionals involved, and any additional equipment required such as huge trucks, dollies, and flatbed trolleys to help in moving all your goods.

Some Factors That Affect The Price Of A Call Out Fee

Some Factors That Affect The Price Of A Call Out Fee

Some of the factors that can affect the call out fees cost are mentioned below:-

Location: The cost of a call-out fee can directly be affected by the location of the removalists and their customers. In case, the distance between the pick-up point and the service provider is high then the call-out fees will automatically be high. Removalists in urban areas generally charge more for call out fees as compared to those in rural areas.

Time: The cost of a call out fee can also be affected due to the time of day when service is required. Any kind of emergency call-outs or any customer who wants the service out of the removalist’s working time might change the call cost at a higher rate.

Type Of Service: The kind of service which a customer chooses can also affect the call out fee. If the work is difficult or may require any extra services, this can be the reason for the increase in call-out charges as completing the job might require additional equipment or professional help.

Removalists Standard And Experience: The cost of a call-out fee can also be affected by the standard and experience of the removalists. Well-regarded and established service providers might charge more as compared to less experienced or unknown providers because they will provide top-notch facilities to their customers.

Demand Of The Service: The price of a call out service can be affected by the level of demand for the service. In case the demand for the service is high, then service providers may charge more to compensate for the increased demand.


The entire process of moving from one place to another has many challenges. But if you understand what you should be expecting from removalists, especially regarding their costs including the call out fees, this may help you in reducing your stress during relocation time. This blog regarding call out fees will surely help you to get all the required information. So, if you are planning to move to a new place, then you can get in touch with Harry The Mover. We are the best and most recommended moving and packing service provider in Melbourne. You can also get a free quotation from our professional team.