How Much Does a Man and Van Service Cost?

Man and Van Service

Moving is never easy; each move comes with its own set of challenges. Whether you want to move a whole house or a few smaller items, you need a professional mover for the task. And when it comes to moving smaller items, people opt for a man and van service in Australia.

Your presence here indicates that you need a man and van service but are concerned about its cost. A man and van service costs between $75 and $110 per hour in Australia, depending on the number of your items/furniture, the distance needed to be travelled, the number of movers required, and the size of van you need for the task.

Here in this blog, we will take a closer look at the man and van service cost in Australia. So, keep reading this exclusive blog till the end for valuable information on this burning topic!

Average Man and Van Service Cost

As of 2024, the average cost of a Man and Van service in Australia typically falls within the range of $75 to $110 per hour. However, it’s crucial to note that this is a general estimate, and the actual cost can vary based on several factors, including the size of the move, the distance travelled, additional services required, and the specific location within Australia.

See the table for more in-depth information.

Hourly Man and Van Service Cost
Average Hourly Cost $90
Minimum Hourly Cost $75
$180-$220 130 to 375kg
Maximum Hourly Cost $110

Here’s the average man and van service cost based on the distance:

Distance Man and Van Service Cost
Under 50 mi $80
Above 50 mi $115

Here’s the average man and van service cost based on the location:

Location Man and Van Service Cost
Melbourne $295
Sydney $350
Adelaide $250
Brisbane $220
Perth $200

As mentioned above, man and van service costs are influenced by a lot of factors. We will discuss all the factors influencing the overall service cost in the following section of this blog.

Factors Influencing the Man and Van Service Cost


There are a lot of factors that may influence the man and van service cost in Australia, including the type of furniture, the number of movers required, your location, and more. Give a read to the below points for more information about how these factors influence the man and van service cost in Australia.

Amount and Type of Furniture

The quantity and nature of your furniture significantly impact the overall cost of a man and van service. If you have an extensive collection or larger items, such as sofas or wardrobes, a more substantial vehicle and additional movers may be required. Delicate or specialised pieces may demand extra care and meticulous handling, influencing both the time and resources invested in ensuring their safe transportation.

Number of Floors

Moving between different floors adds a logistical layer to the relocation process. Negotiating staircases or elevators demands additional effort and time, potentially affecting the overall cost of a man and van service. The complexity of navigating multiple floors requires strategic planning to maintain the move’s efficiency while considering the moving team’s physical demands.

Number of Movers

The size of your moving crew directly influences the pace and efficiency of your move. A larger team can expedite the process, ensuring a quicker transition. However, it’s essential to strike a balance, as more movers can impact the overall cost. Assessing your specific needs and budget constraints will help determine the optimal number of movers for your relocation.

Van Size

The size of the van selected for your move is a fundamental factor in determining the overall cost of the man and van service. Ensuring the chosen vehicle accommodates your belongings comfortably is essential for a smooth and efficient relocation. A well-matched van size not only contributes to the safety of your items during transit but also minimises the risk of multiple trips, optimising both time and fuel efficiency.


The geographical span between your current and future residences remains a critical determinant of pricing. Longer distances not only incur additional fuel costs but also impact the time and resources required for a successful move. Understanding the effect of distance on the overall man and van service cost allows for more accurate budgeting and ensures that your chosen service provider is equipped to handle the specific challenges associated with varying travel distances.


The location of the man and van service you plan to employ will significantly affect the overall moving cost. For instance, if you live in Perth, you won’t have to break your bank for your next move. However, the cost of moving if you live in a big city like Sydney might jeopardise your finances if you don’t plan your move properly. Urban density, accessibility, and local regulations may also contribute to variations in service costs. A thorough understanding of all these things, including rules and regulations, can help you enhance your overall moving experience.

Types of Man and Van Services

Various types of man and van services are available in Australia for people in need. If you plan to opt for a man and van service shortly, understanding the types of these services is essential. So, here are the two main types of man and van services available:

  • Basic Service: The foundation of Man and Van services lies in the basic package, encompassing the essentials of transportation. This standard offering includes skilled manpower and a well-equipped van to efficiently move your belongings from point A to point B. While ideal for straightforward relocations, it’s essential to assess whether additional services might enhance your moving experience.
  • Premium Service: For those seeking an elevated moving experience, premium Man and Van services offer a suite of additional conveniences. This may include expert packing and unpacking services, ensuring your items are handled with the utmost care. While these services come at an additional cost, they can significantly streamline the moving process, providing a comprehensive solution for those with specific needs.

Understanding the distinctions between basic and premium services empowers you to choose a Man and Van option that aligns seamlessly with your unique moving requirements. Whether opting for simplicity or seeking a comprehensive solution, the variety of services ensures a tailored approach to your relocation journey.

Local vs. Long-Distance Moves

Local vs. Long-Distance Moves

Distinguishing between local and long-distance moves is crucial when considering a Man and Van service, as each type presents distinct challenges and considerations that directly impact the overall moving experience as well as the man and van service cost.

Local Moves:

Local moves typically involve relocating within the same city or a nearby vicinity. The proximity allows for shorter travel distances, often resulting in a more straightforward and cost-effective moving process. Man and Van services for local moves commonly charge based on factors such as time and the number of movers required. This straightforward approach caters to the immediate needs of those transitioning within a confined geographic area.

Long-Distance Moves:

Long-distance moves encompass a more extensive geographical span, often crossing city or state borders. The challenges multiply as factors like fuel costs, travel time, and potential overnight stays come into play. Man and Van services for long-distance moves may adopt a different pricing model to accommodate these additional variables. Planning and coordination become paramount, necessitating a strategic approach to ensure a smooth transition over a longer distance.

Understanding these distinctions between local and long-distance moves is pivotal when selecting a Man and Van service. Whether your journey is within the neighbourhood or extends across regions, choosing the appropriate service type ensures a tailored approach to meet the unique demands of your relocation.

Hourly vs. Fixed Rates

Choosing between hourly and fixed rates is a critical decision when considering a Man and Van service, as each pricing model comes with its own set of advantages and considerations. Here is all you need to know about hourly and fixed rates for the man and van service:

Hourly Rates:

Opting for hourly rates provides a transparent and flexible approach to billing. You pay for the actual time spent on your move, including loading, transportation, and unloading. This model is beneficial for local moves or situations where the duration is predictable. However, it’s crucial to optimise efficiency to avoid unnecessary costs. Clear communication with the moving team and proper preparation can help make the most of the hourly rate structure.

Fixed Rates:

Fixed rates, on the other hand, offer a predetermined cost for the entire move, providing budgetary certainty. This model is advantageous for long-distance relocations or moves with a more complex scope. It allows for better financial planning, as the total cost is established upfront. While it provides peace of mind, it’s essential to communicate all details of the move accurately to ensure an accurate quote.

After understanding the nuances between hourly and fixed rates, you can choose the pricing that aligns perfectly with your relocation needs. Whether prioritising flexibility or seeking budgetary predictability, selecting the right rate model ensures a transparent and cost-effective experience with your chosen Man and Van service.

Money-Saving Tips for Man and Van Service

Tips to Save Money

Maximising cost-efficiency during a move is a common goal, and with the right strategies, you can make the most of your Man and Van service while staying within your budget. Here are some money-saving tips to consider:

Declutter Before the Move

Before moving day arrives, consider conducting a thorough decluttering of your possessions. Assess each item and consider whether it’s essential for your new space. Sell, discard, or donate items you no longer need. Besides reducing the volume being transported, decluttering can lead to a smaller vehicle requirement, potentially saving on both space and overall moving costs.

Pack Efficiently

Adopt a do-it-yourself (DIY) packing strategy to save on additional packing services. Utilise free or recycled materials, such as boxes from local stores. Organise your items systematically to expedite the loading and unloading process. Efficient packing not only reduces the time spent on the move but also minimises the risk of damage during transportation, potentially saving you money on both labour and potential replacements.

Book in Advance

Securing your Man and Van service well in advance provides multiple benefits. Early bookings often come with discounted rates, and you have a better chance of reserving your preferred moving date and time. Booking in advance also allows you to compare quotes from different services, ensuring you choose the most cost-effective option tailored to your specific needs.

Optimise Moving Day Timing

Consider scheduling your move during off-peak times or on weekdays, if possible. Many Man and Van services offer lower rates during non-peak hours, avoiding the rush associated with weekends or the beginning and end of the month. By strategically timing your move, you can take advantage of reduced rates while ensuring a smoother, less congested relocation experience.

Provide Clear Details

Communication is key to obtaining an accurate quote. Provide comprehensive details about your move, including the number of items, any specific challenges like stairs or elevators, and the distance between locations. Clear communication ensures that the Man and Van service can provide a precise estimate, minimising the likelihood of additional charges on a moving day.

Consider a Mid-Month Move

If your schedule allows for flexibility, plan your move for the middle of the month. Many people tend to move at the beginning or end of the month, creating a higher demand for moving services. By opting for a mid-month move, you may encounter lower demand, potentially resulting in reduced rates and increased availability of reputable Man and Van services.

Explore Group or Neighbour Moves

Collaborate with neighbours or friends who are also planning moves. Group moves or sharing a van with others can lead to shared costs, making it a more economical option for everyone involved. Coordinate with others to synchronise moving dates and destinations, maximising efficiency and cost savings. This collaborative approach not only reduces individual expenses but also fosters a sense of community support during the moving process.

In Conclusion

Determining the man and van service cost involves a nuanced understanding of factors influencing costs. Distinguishing between local and long-distance moves, choosing between hourly and fixed rates, and exploring various service types are pivotal considerations that shape the financial landscape of your relocation. To optimise your budget, implementing money-saving tips such as decluttering, efficient packing, and strategic booking can significantly impact overall expenditure.

Transparent communication with your chosen service, providing accurate details, and exploring collaborative options further enhance the efficiency of your move. Additionally, understanding the average cost range in Australia, coupled with factors like the size of the move and distance travelled, provides a solid foundation for estimating and planning, ensuring a cost-effective and smooth transition to your new destination.

If you plan to relocate your house or shift a few smaller items to your new space, Harry The Mover offers man and van services at pocket-friendly prices. Contact us today at 1800 318 026 for more detailed information about our moving services!